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Paris Street Food Scene: From French to International Dishes in the Streets

A trip to Paris would be incomplete without having tasted the crêpes. As you ride into the city from the airport on the taxis like Top Paris Transfer and Piyo Cab, your mind would be going around thinking of all the things to do on this dream trip. Food is of course just one among them. What better way than to have a selection of authentic to get a glimpse of Parisian culture. Street food offers a chance to do just that. The best street food that you can find in Paris, France.

Paris Cultural Trip

A few years back Parisians wouldn’t have thought of having their food on the streets, and gourmet food was always to be had at the gourmet food shops. But things have changed quite fast, and there has been an explosion of street food stalls vending delicious cuisines from across the world. While you do get to savor world cuisine, tucked up across the many rues are lovely, affordable French delights that you wouldn’t want to miss. From lamb sausage to ham and butter sandwiches and wonderful crepes besides authentic Asian, African, Mexican, you are served multiple international flavors.

The French Cusine

Crusty, artisanal baguettes, grilled steaks with sauces and chips, the croque-monsieur, a dish of ham and cheese sandwich, you name it, and you can find a shop vending the same. The Jambon-beurre is what Parisians love most. It’s a fresh baguette that’s smeared with butter and is garnished with cooked ham and cornichons. Walk into any street-side bakery and ask for their croissants. Paris offers the best croissants and a morning bite of it is something you would remember for a long time. Another typically Parisian savory is the Macaron, a pastry that consists of two almond shells glued together with buttercream and comes in multiple colors and flavors. Any pastry shop would be having these.

Paris Cultural Trip

The best would, however, be the crepes that are sold from street stands across Paris. It is truly native and a lovely quick eat when it’s snacking time. Pick the ones that make them thin and stick to the butter and sugar ones. The butter and the sugar ones are the classic styles, and the multiple variations with stuffing are all derivations and not authentic. It is safe to say that Paris is the place on Earth with the highest density of top-quality, artisanal baguettes. Also try the steak-frites, simply grilled steaks that come with double-fried potatoes.

International Cuisine in the Street of Paris

Stroll across to the Rue des Rosiers, the Jewish quarters, and you are hit by aromas that are tempting. The entire area is filled with falafel and shawarma shops. The L’As du Falafel is the most in demand. You could also try the shawarma sandwiches that explode with fillings and sauces, many vegan foods from around the world are found here, the variety is endless.

If you are looking for burgers, especially American ones, head to Marche Saint-Honore for the big hot burgers. You would also find the Street-Food King and the Cantine California restaurants at this location. The Big Fernand is also well-known for their meaty burgers, and neighboring Café des Abattoirs serves wonderfully delicious meatball sandwiches during lunch hour on Saturdays.

If you are around the Rue du Faubourg, Saint-Denis, you are in for an adventurous food trip. You will find everything from Turkish, to Indian, to Lebanese, and authentic Arabic foods. The Passage Brady is famous for curries.

From the far East to Paris Streets

Flavors of the far-east right here in Paris! How much more cosmopolitan can a city be. A wide selection of Thai-style street food is what you would find in the upwardly mobile area of Quai de Valmy. The best-known outlet here is the STREET Bangkok Local Food. Bangkok-style street food is what you will find here, and the vends are always crowded, having long queues. The food is served fast, though. You could try out different varieties of Thai food at very reasonable prices. If you are lucky, you could find yourself a table here to sit and have your food.

While in this locality, head to the Rue de Bretagne which is overflowing with food stalls of all varieties. The 17th-century Enfants-Rouges covered market has plenty of quick eats. L’Estaminet is known for its exotic preparations of local dishes, while the Taeko should be definitely on your list for its delectable Japanese cuisine. Head to the Mmmozza for delightfully Italian mozzarella and Popelini for their crafty cream puffs.

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