Paris Nightlife – The Top 5 Spots You Want To Visit

Paris is not only famous for its cuisine, fashion and tourist attractions, it is also loved for its nightlife. If you want to visit Paris, during the day you can go to Notre Dame, The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower but if you are not used to stay in your hotel during the night and you love to experience the nightlife of the cities you are visiting, you do not have to worry, there are plenty of things you can do in Paris during the night.Top five things that you should visit to get to know the Paris nightlife.This is a travel guide on the Europe travel.

Paris Nightlife - The Top 5 Spots You Want To Visit
Photo by: Javier Vieras

Paris Nightlife – The Top 5 Spots You Want To Visit

Moulin Rouge

The famous Parisian cabaret should be on your list if you really want to experience Paris’ sensuality and style. Enjoying a cabaret show in the France capital is something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. The beautiful cabaret dancers will create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a glass of French champagne with your friends or your loved one. It is very hard to compare this experience to another one.

Eiffel Tower

For those of you who think nights are for cocktails and dancing, visiting the area around the Eiffel Tower during night might be a bad idea. Be sure you will visit the Eiffel Tower during the day though. You cannot miss it if you are in Paris! But for those of you who like romantic night promenades and long conversations under the stars, the Eiffel Tower is the place to be during the night. Walking along the Seine and enjoying the wonderful Eiffel Tower lights is one of the most romantic things to experience in Paris.


If you want to get your groove on, Paris won’t disappoint you! There are so many places where you can party and dance till the morning light will send you home, you will for sure not be bored! Le Baron is the place where you can have a lot of fun, meet famous French people that love to party in a classical club atmosphere. But if you are looking for a different dancing experience, you might want to try dancing under the stars, the Wanderlust, a terrace bar and club is more than perfect for a different, yet exciting night out.

Paris Cafes

If you enjoy to spend your nights out, drinking coffee in the evening or during night won’t be odd to you. If you need a relaxing night, Paris’ cafes are more than welcoming. They have a style and a flair that cannot be found in another place and give you the best perspective of how it is like to live and experience Paris every single day. Cafes are usually the meeting point of many industry professionals who like to talk and enjoy good coffee and great champagne day and night.

Paris Bars

For a fancy night out, formal dressing, jazz music and great cocktails are a must in Paris. Even though these types of bars usually close their doors at midnight, the Paris bars need to be visited and admired for their old school vibe and French finesse.

Last Updated on October 10, 2021

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