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5 Enchanting Paris Castle Tours That you Need to Experience

While Paris itself is so mesmerizing and loved by both locals and tourists, this place has a lot more to offer than what you would even expect in the first place. The capital city of France is more than just the Eiffel Tower. With so many options lingering, castle tours and day trips are one of the best experiences you can gather around. Five amazing Paris castle tours that you can’t miss out on while traveling along with France.

If you are planning on visiting Paris and need a well-planned itinerary, make sure to include these castle day trips in. Let us walk you through some of the best ones, shall we?

5 Amazing Paris Castle Tours

Versailles and its Château

Gardens of Versailles and its Château while on a Paris Castle Tour

When we mention and talk about castles, it is necessary to start the list off with Versailles, otherwise, it would be an injustice. The Palace of Versailles, which is also referred to as the world’s biggest castle, is going to leave you with your mouth wide open.

The place is spread across 63 hectares of land inside and has around 815 hectares of just gardens for you to admire around. Apart from the majestic castle, you can walk around and explore the residence of Marie-Antoinette.

Some of the other attractions around the place include The Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Stables, and the Battles Gallery. A day trip to Versailles is more than just a trip, but is an overall experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Palace of Fontainebleau

Palace of Fontainebleau

The Palace of Fontainebleau is yet another one of the popular palaces around Paris that you can cover with a day trip. It does date back to the XIIth century and reflects the beauty of history in the days.

The initial construction of this castle lasted for 8 centuries, depicting some beauty of the construction and the architecture from medieval times.

The entire palace is integrated with a wide range of gardens, museums, and even art galleries if that is something that interests you. In addition to that, you can even indulge in some activities like carriage riding and balloon fights around.

Château de Vincennes

Château de Vincennes

This is yet another one of those castles around in Paris that makes you feel you are standing right out of a fairy tale. The Château de Vincennes is popular across the world for having the highest dungeon in the entirety of Europe which is over 50 meters in length.

Walking through the stone bridge to enter the castle further adds to the medieval feel even more so. The courtyard and the dungeon are well-connected as well, which further lets you live the history.

If possible, get a guided tour with an experienced lecturer from the Centre des Monuments Nationaux. The climb of 250 steps to get to the top of the dungeon will test your stamina, but the experience is enthralling nevertheless.

The castle also does host several cultural and artistic events all around the year, so plan your trip accordingly and do check the informative Vincennes Castles’ website before doing so.

Château de Pierrefonds

The last in the castle day trips from Paris has to include the Château de Pierrefonds. Even this has undergone several periods where it has been reinstated by several kings during those eras.

It includes eight different medieval towers and a beautiful view and architecture that you need to witness with your own eyes. They provide with guided tours around, so you can get a hold of that.

If you are visiting Paris, don’t limit your itinerary to just the basic tourist spots, but visiting these castles can further enhance your experience. Plan around accordingly to take a deep plunge into the history of the place.

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