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Panic-Free Flights: Top Pointers for a Peaceful Plane Trip

Flying is much safer than driving according to statistics, yet the numbers don’t convince scores of people from feeling more than a little nervous about boarding a plane. According to number cruncher, a person could fly each day for 123,000 years and still be safe, however, if you’re searching for a remedy in the short term, then read the following.Six of my best tips for having a stress-free flight the next time you travel.Check out this article to learn about plane trip.

Right Seating
Turbulence affects those in the back of the plane more than those seated in the front. Moreover, looking down the aisle at the plane shaking can be enough to make a person feel queasy or nervous. Try to book the right seat for you, toward the front of the plane. If you’re afraid of heights, choose a seat in the middle so you can’t look out or down.

Plane Trip - Stuttgart Airport at dusk
Photo by: Andrei Dimofte

Good Rest
Rather than fret through the flight, why not sleep through it? Purchase neck rests, eye masks, ear plugs, headphones, and other devices to lull to sleep. Others may get some help from their doctor, getting a dose of Melatonin prescribed. If turbulence gets you upset or awakes you from your slumber, just remember that it is temporary or pretend that it is a bump in the road during a car ride.

Calming Breathing
Meditation is a great way to relax at any time, but deep breathing is especially beneficial for those who are anxious about flying. Breathing helps stop panic attacks. Study up on meditation and deep breathing and practice before your plane ride so you’re a bit familiar with the exercise before you board.

Convenient Distraction
A great way to get your mind off of an immediate fear is to distract yourself. Keep your mind busy by watching a movie, listening to a podcast, or doing a puzzle. Pack distractions in your carry-on bag and bring enough to keep your mind busy for several hours. Particular friends and family members may make you feel calm. Consider paying for their ticket or Snow-mass condo rentals in exchange for their laid back or humorous companionship. In some instances, flights may allow you to take your pet on board with you.

Zero Caffeine
Caffeine can increase anxiety, so if you’re a coffee drinker, try some alternative drinks before flight. Drink chamomile tea, suck on peppermint candies, or take whiffs of lavender scents or oils. Stay away from coffee, soda, and alcoholic beverages. In movies, you often see people ‘drink their worries away,’ yet alcohol actually heightens your level of anxiety as well as impairs your better judgment.

Last Resort
People have varying degrees of fear and levels of anxiety. Some are prescribed medications for stressful events, such as public speaking or flying. A Xanax or Valium may help curb anxiety but should be used as a last resort to use if the above remedies fail. Moreover, make sure your medication is legal if you’re flying internationally; a prescription may be considered illegal in some places. Herbal remedies, such as St. John’s Wort, may work as a legal and safe alternative to some prescribed medications.

Poppy Thomas was once herself a nervous flyer. But she had to overcome her fear in order to live her dream, to travel the world. Now a Mom of 2 Poppy writes travel based articles for a selection of travel and parenting blogs.

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