Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

Are you interested in joining a lifetime experience like no other? The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is definitely what you are looking for! Enjoy breath-taking views over Pamukkale, admire a spectacular sunrise, and get to know interesting information about hot air balloons. This experience is also an ideal option for those seeking to snap some iconic photos.

For your own solace and comfort, an advanced and completely cooled vehicle will get you from your place of convenience in Pamukkale. As pick up takes place during the early morning hours, before dawn, you might need to bring with you a jacket.

After a short drive, you will arrive at the departing station. What follows is an important briefing with pilots and instructors. More precisely, they will explain to you how the hot air balloon works, and which are the important safety information you need to know. Feel free to ask anything you need to know during the briefing. After that, you have the chance to see them preparing the balloon by filling it with hot air.

As the balloon flight starts, you will get to feel the first adrenaline boosts. The basket is spacious enough, and you can move around to enjoy 360 views. As the balloon ascends, you can watch down and enjoy some incredible views over the area. More specifically, Cotton Castle is one of the sites you are about to see. The white colour travertines filled with thermal water are surely eye-catching. In addition to that, you can also spot Hierapolis, the nearby ancient city. One of the most exciting highlights of this flight is of course the sunrise. Therefore, get your cameras ready and let yourself free to release the energy as the sun starts to rise just in front of you!

After spending some time in the air, the balloon follows a smooth landing mode, until it reaches the ground, where assisting pilots are waiting. Full of enthusiasm and excitement, you will proceed to the next part of this experience.

According to the tradition, after each hot air balloon flight, participants should toast a glass of champagne. During this small celebration, you will also get you flight certificates, which are great souvenirs to take back home. Once the celebration is over, members of our team will drive you back at your place of accommodation in Pamukkale full of memories and amazing emotions!

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Tour itinerary

Hot Air Balloon Flights in Pamukkale is one of the most thrilling experiences one can participate. If you wish to experience this flight from first hand, join our Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon activity and create memories that last forever! The flight promises to offer you some of the most extraordinary views of Pamukkale, an alternative form of sightseeing, and an exceptional sunrise!

Pick up

The flight takes place before dawn. Therefore, members of our team will pick you up from your hotel in Pamukkale during the morning hours. With a comfortable car you will reach the area where the departing point is.

Instructions & Preparations

For the purposes of this activity, professional pilots are in charge of your safety and to make sure that you enjoy a joyful experience. Once you arrive there, you will spend some time with the pilots, who will explain the flight’s details and provide important instructions. Moreover, you will see them preparing the hot air balloon. The process is quite interesting, so don’t forget to take some photos.

Views & Sunrise

One of the many reasons to join this activity is, of course, the incredible panoramic views. From up there, you will be able to see the ancient city of Hierapolis and the ruins. In addition to that, the infamous Cotton Castle of Pamukkale is also visible. Feel free to move in the balloon’s basket to enjoy the views from all angles. Another spectacular element of this activity is the sunrise. During the flight, the sun starts to rise just in front of your eyes, creating a truly exceptional setting. The colour reflections over the Cotton Castle and the ancient city charms and lures participants. Expect to feel a flawless sense of relaxation and romance during this time.

Champagne Toast

After a smooth and safe landing process, the organisers will throw a small celebration for you! According to an old tradition, participants in a hot air balloon flight must enjoy a glass of champagne after landing. Therefore, toast your glass and cheer up yourself for your accomplishment! You will also receive a flight certificate so that you can feel proud for participating into this great experience!


After taking your time to celebrate and snap photos, a comfortable vehicle will be waiting in order to transfer you back. This super-exciting activity finishes by the time you arrive back at your place of accommodation. Our Hot Air Balloon flight is surely something to remember for a long time!

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

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