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Odd Findings in Palm Beach, Florida – Not Just Another Zip Code

What do you know about this number: 33480? Not a whole lot if you’re not jet-setting from one coast to the other. However, Palm Beach Florida is ranked as one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States.

What does this mean to my family and me? Not a whole lot since I’m not a big boutique shopper nor do I get the great pleasure of spending $12 on a cupcake or going to one of the many great restaurants that you can find on palm beach like Echo Restaurant. However, I do love visiting new towns and when the price tags are high, that means the chances of us having a good time in a well-manicured overly maintained village is almost full-proof.

Odd Findings in Palm Beach, Florida:

With expensive housing comes expensive, and in my opinion, useless stuff!

1. Who really needs an entire boutique bakery just for doggie treats – and no, they are not for humans?

woof gang bakery in west palm beach a bakery for dogs

2. We live in Guatemala where there are no rules, and it’s do what you want. After parking our car and coming to the beach, these are the rules you must follow before entering:

beach rules in west palm beach florida

And if that’s not enough – here are some more:

more beach rules in west palm beach fl

3. Perfectly manicured streets – this was a given!

west palm beach streets

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