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Paintball – A Family Fun Activity Worth Trying

For the last two consecutive weekends, we were bored of the lazy afternoons. We as a family wanted to have some fun activity that could pump adrenaline through our veins but I couldn’t come up with any such idea. 

That is when the idea of paintballing randomly jumped into my elder kid’s mind. We all loved this idea and without wasting a single second, we started planning for it.

Although, my initial concern was safety since I knew it included shooting weapons and shells at your opponent. I had to ensure that my kids were safe during the game. However, I eventually warmed up to the idea and I am really glad that I did. And that’s where our paintballing adventure began. Even today, when I am about to finish this article, I feel the same amount of excitement and delight that I had when I entered the Paintball field.

The environment at the venue

Before going for the game, I had to look about everything in great depth. I read various blogs about paintballing before I could take my family to any field. Many individuals had posted about their paintballing experiences; this helped me relax a little because I was worried about getting struck because paintball uses paintball guns.

Long story short, I decided on a Paintball field close to my place and took my family there. When we arrived at the paintball location, we discovered that the game was not at all scary, and the personnel were really accommodating, providing you with all necessary equipment, paintball guns and safety gear.

Not only that, but the crew was exceptionally kind and helpful, directing you to the correct location and providing you with every detail and safety precaution.

The nicest part was that we had separate venues for adults and children. The children interacted with other children of their age, and we played with folks of our age. After we were divided into two teams, I observed that many people were there to have a family get together on a weekend.

And why not? When you know that you’re among your buddies doing something fantastic, there’s no way you won’t enjoy it to the fullest.

What our day at the paintball facility looked like

We were standing on the ground after being all suited up and holding fancy paintball guns in our hands, waiting for the whistle to blow so we could begin shooting our opponent. When the whistle blew, we dashed to the greatest hiding location we could find where we wouldn’t be shot but could easily aim at our opponent. Our major purpose was to attack and shoot our opponents so that we could out them and win. We formed a group of four and fanned out all over the terrain.

This planning sounded simple at first, but it turned out to be a lot more difficult than we anticipated. It was my first time ever in a paintball field, but some of the individuals were very good at it. As a result, matching them was really a daunting task for me.

We continued running, firing here and there, yelling and all, since there was a wildfire at the start. When it was my turn to go to the front, though, I was shot by the opponent and was forced to leave the game. I wasn’t thrilled about it since I was having so much fun, so I had to move out and watch the rest of them play, which was also wonderful because I could cheer for my teammates.

The game finished a short time later, and even though we didn’t win, still it was an incredible experience; the kids liked it as well, and they ended up winning on their side.

We all changed after coming out because we had paint all over us, and on the way back, our kids had a lot of things to tell about their experience, including how they couldn’t wait to go again and how they planned to bring their friends with them the next time they went.

This was one of the most memorable family experiences, and I would encourage you to give it a try since it is well worth it. You may also make wonderful experiences with your children that you will remember for the rest of your lives. And, it is the most important thing.

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