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What Not to Pack When You’re Going Off to College

College is a step toward adulthood and independence. Naturally, there are many things to be nervous about when you are off to college, and being well-prepared for this feat should not be one of them. However, there is such a thing as being too prepared, so you need to find the perfect packing tips. Five tips on what not to take with you when you move to college. Take a look at this article to learn about packing tips.

We all overpack, whether because of our nerves or inability to choose between one thing or another. It is that comical situation where your suitcase is overstuffed, and you desperately try to close it. Everything seems necessary: after all, you’re moving a thousand miles away from home.

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packing tips - packing for college

However, you are not moving to the moon and can easily ship things to college. An even better idea, instead of shipping your things, simply condense them and pack smarter.

What should you not bring to college?

The Entire Wardrobe

College seems like it’s as far away as you can go from your parents – fortunately, it’s not. Pack according to the seasons, and do not bring all of your favorites with you, however tempting it may be.

Every Single Memory

One of the more jarring feelings in a student’s post-high school period will be homesickness. It can be painful, and you will be tempted to take every single picture of your parents, your dog, your best friend, and your prom date. Choose just a few precious memories to bring along to decorate your new living space and make room for new and exciting memories that are yet to come. Besides, who needs to bring pictures when we have Facebook?

Too Many Valuables

It is never a good idea to travel with too many valuables, especially when you are staying in a college dorm. Not every one of your necklaces is college essentials; a ring or a few small pieces of jewelry will suffice. Your most prized or expensive possessions should stay at home where they are safe is a good travel tip.

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Furniture and Home Appliances

You may want to take your gaming console and television, an office chair and desk, a microwave, and a coffee maker to create that dormitory kitchenette. However, these things are not typically necessary for one reason: someone else will have these things.

As well, most dorms have a communal kitchen. Learn to share with your roommates and make some new friends!
Important Paperwork

You may need a few things, such as your ID and Social Security card, but be careful with documents that can easily help others steal your identity. Such documents are typically kept in the college’s offices, so there is no reason to keep them in your dorm. If, on the other hand, it is important packing tips is you have to carry those documents with you, make sure you carry the copies, not the originals.

packing tips - packing for college

Your High School Things

While it is important for many incoming freshmen to have a piece of home, it may not be the best idea to bring trophies, class jackets or rings, or other items that scream, “my mind is still in high school.” It is not a question of maturity, but the openness of trying new things and moving forward.

Do not be stuck in a cluttered dorm room because you could not choose which items to pack and which to leave. Before leaving for college, ask your roommates and friends that will attend the same college for advice on what to bring. Pack only what you need, although you always have the option of sending unnecessary things back to mom and dad. Enjoy your college experience and make room in your dorm and in your heart for new adventures. Be rest assured, there will be plenty.

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