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Packing List – Make Sure You Have These 6 Things In Your Suitcase

After months of waging war with winter,there’s no ignoring the pull of mid-winter wanderlust. You’re ready to escape the mountains of snow to warmer and sunnier climes elsewhere. It doesn’t help that your calendar is counting down the days until Spring Break as you dream of sunbathing by the pool with a cold piña colada in hand. It’s fun to fantasize about your getaway in the lead up to your departure, but you need to pull your head out of the clouds for a moment if you want reality to match up with your expectations.6 things to always have In your suitcase packing list and the reasons why they are essential while traveling.Check out a list of packing list.

Packing List - Make Sure You Have These 6 Things In Your Suitcase

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than when you realize you forgot to bring an important travel item. Use your time before your flight wisely so this doesn’t happen to you. Make sure your bag has these six basic things, so you can relax as soon as you touch down.

  1. Toiletries bag

Traveling is tough on your skin. It, just like you, stresses out at the thought of arriving on time for your flight and navigating foreign streets. The changing weather and humidity levels can confuse it, and the recycled air of planes and other transportation can dry it out. Your holiday is supposed to be about complete relaxation, so don’t forget to include your skin.

Make sure your toiletry or Dopp kit is filled with your usual products. This isn’t the time to test out a new cleanser or moisturizer; your skin wants what it knows. It also wants to be moisturized. Skin care experts recommend applying a heavy moisturizer before your flight. If you don’t mind traveling light, transfer your usual products from its original bottles to flight-friendly containers. This lets you have easy access to anything during the flight in case you feel the need to moisturize during the in-flight movie.

  1. A travel document packet


If you’re the type of traveler to keep your passport separate from your boarding pass, your check-in information in one pocket and your confirmation number in another, and each ticket or voucher in its own special zipper, it’s time to get organized. Your inspiration for this Spring Break is the ultimate-organizer, Amy Santiago of Brooklyn Nine Nine. Though fictional, this character can steer you in the right direction with her use of binders to collect and arrange her plans.

Find a travel binder that fits in your carry-on, so every special ID and travel document is together and within easy reach. An itinerary app like TripIt is a great addition to this packing list if a lot of your travel info is digital. It organizes confirmation codes, emails, travel times, and documents into one, easy-to-navigate place on your iPhone.

  1. International plugs


You won’t get very far with TripIt if you don’t pack an international plug. The world is divided into several plug and socket regions. While North America shares two types of sockets (those that take the two- and three-pronged plugs), none of the rest of the world does. You need to check what kind of plug your destination takes and buy the appropriate converter, so you can charge your iPhone as often as it needs juice.

If you only need to plug in your smartphone, a small adapter like the Kikkerland Travel Adapter is compact and practical. If you travel with a lot of devices, the heavy-hitting BESTEK International Power Adapter, with its power bar and USB ports, is a better choice.

  1. Toggle organizer


The cords start to add up once you have your phone, your plug adapter, and other devices necessary for your trip. It doesn’t take much for your headphone cords to wrap around your charger in a tight knot, so don’t give it a single opportunity to tangle. Keep each of your cords safe and tangle-free with an organizer made specifically for these items. You can find a compact, stylish organizer like the cable bag from BUBM if you have less than eight cords to wrangle. If you travel with a lot of tech, search out something like the Fakeface Waterproof Organizer. Its waterproof exterior protects bands and pockets for several cords, memory cards, headphones, and small devices.

  1. iPhone skins

Phone skins

If you’re like the average traveler, you’re planning on taking a lot of selfies and landscape snaps with your iPhone. It’s good to know that the 8 comes with one of the best cameras in a smartphone, so each of your pics will look amazing on Instagram. When you phone is at your side by the pool or in your hand on an excursion, it’s far from relaxing on its own vacation. It’s doing a lot of work, and one cannonball in the deep end or trip on your hike can spell disaster for your new handset.

Keep it safe by wrapping it up in an iPhone 8 skin. These skins add a scratch-, grime-, and water-resistant layer around your tech, so it’s safe from scratches, smudges, and spills. You can even deck out your new iPhone 8 in a skin-compatible Grip case from the people behind dbrand skins. They’ve created what they call the grippiest case in the world, so your phone will stay in your hand for every selfie.

  1. Space-friendly comfort grab bag

Sleep mask

The lead-up travel is a flurry of anxiety and excitement that keeps your mind and body occupied. Once you find your seat and the plane takes off, however, the actual process of traveling is quite boring. Depending on where you’re going, it can also take a long time to get there. Make sure you’re up to it by creating a basic comfort survival kit. Stock it with an inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, and blanket. You might be able to catch some much-need shut-eye during a long flight when you have these items. From there, add to it with personalized items that can help you stay sane. For some, that may be food. For others, it’s an iPhone stocked with a soothing playlist.

If you’re wondering about what clothes and footwear to bring, that’s a packing list for another day. You probably know well enough to pack your suitcase with a swimsuit and a pair of sunnies. Even if these are the only two items you add to your luggage or packing list, you’ll be fine as long as you have everything else mentioned in this guide. These basic items are what you need to get where you’re going, so make sure your pack is organized before your trip.

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