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Packing List for Emergencies – Travel Gear Recommendations

The world is no longer as predictable as it used to be. But, despite this, people still want to travel. That is great, but it is wise to take a look at your travel packing list and update it. You want to be as prepared as possible should things suddenly change, and you find yourself in a challenging situation. Complete Packing List for Emergencies that will allow you to be ready in case of travel emergencies.

Packing List for Emergencies

Packing List for Emergencies

Pack multiple communication devices

These days, when it comes to communication, most of us rely solely on our smartphones. That is OK, provided it is kept charged and the telecommunications systems in the area you are traveling in remain operational.

But, it makes sense to have a backup as well. You can’t beat CB radio for that. Just check out the midland 75 822 and you will soon realize how useful it can be to have one of these with you when you travel.

In many places, FM CB radios are popular with all kinds of people. Having a CB handset with you opens up the chance for you to ask local people for help and advice. Or, if you have two of them, you can split up to explore your options and still have the ability to stay in touch, even if your phones are not working.

But, before buying one, you will need to do your research. Ideally, you want a radio that has a good range, reasonable battery life, and the ability to scan, use or listen to as many channels as possible.

A reliable way to keep your devices powered

It is worth investing in a power bank that is capable of keeping your laptop, as well as your phone and tablet, charged. But, you will need a laptop that is capable of being charged in this way. Not all of them can be. So, before buying one read this article. Once you have, you will be able to easily identify which laptops can be charged using the right power bank and which ones cannot.

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Water and food

Should you find yourself stranded, having something to eat and drink will make a huge difference. It means you won’t have to join the scrum for supplies or worry about having enough money to buy what is available. You do not have to carry a lot to make a big difference. Choose highly calorific food like dates, energy bars, and nuts. They will keep you going. For drinks, carry a water bottle with a built-in filter that is capable of purifying even dirty water.

First aid kit

Most people carry a first aid kit anyway when they travel. But, it is a good idea to review what you take to make sure it will cover you for more medical emergencies. Consider adding anti-inflammatory, pain killers, antihistamines, decongestants and maybe antacids to your existing kit. These simple medications will carry you through most minor medical emergencies.

It is also worth laying your clothes out on the bed and asking yourself if what you are planning to pack will prepare you for all weather conditions. As well as how warm and dry you would be if you ended up having to spend a night or two on an airport floor or waiting outside.

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