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Travel Guide – All About Packing for Men

I don’t mean to perpetuate stereotypes but one thing that we all know is that most men tend to pack until the last moment. This means that they spend a very stressful hour running around trying to find their stuff and throwing it in a bag.Three easy ways to make packing for men a lot easier and relaxed.Take a look at this blog post to learn all about packing for men.

A lot of the times this also means that they end up forgetting stuff. But the worse part is that they end up making it stressful for anyone else traveling along with them.

Travel Tips - Packing for Men


The thing is that there are easy ways to fix this that don’t involve creating long lists, separating everything in categories and spending one whole week preparing for a trip. With a minimum of effort, you might be able to save yourself and others a lot of hassle and frustration.

Top 3 Tips to follow when Packing for Men

Travel Tips - Packing for Men

1. Do your laundry one day before packing
When packing at the last minute you might find that the items that you want to take with you are dirty, so you end up getting stressed, under packing and having to improvise.

Having everything clean and ready to use will still allow you to pack only one hour before leaving and still being able to have everything with you.

2. Forget about the “pack the least amount of clothes” idea
All men in my life, at some point, have decided that they are going to pack the fewest clothes possible. This resulted in having to buy some extra stuff and spending more money than expected while traveling.

You can achieve something like that by having versatile pieced but even so, you should throw in at least an extra pair of socks and underwear plus an extra T-shirt or undershirt. It might rain, you might fall and ripp your pants or your food might decide to attack you.

3. Use your shoes for extra storage
I know that we all hate packing shoes because they take up tons of space and that makes us want to take the one we are using and nothing else. But having only one pair won’t do. especially if you are an adventurer and are planning to explore the outdoors.

But if you put small items such as your stance boxers, socks, bandanas or gloves inside. This will save a lot of space so you won’t need to take more than one suitcase.

Bonus: Don’t just throw your toiletries on the front bag of your suitcase. They get thrown everywhere on planes and some of your toiletries might leak due to the pressure.

If you are a guy and have some extra tips for packing I would love it if you left them in the comments so that we can all learn and be better at packing.

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