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Packing for a Vacation with Kids

The transition from being a solo traveler, or traveling with a group of friends to becoming a parent traveling with small kids can be confusing for some people. I remember that back when I traveled alone packing was left to the last minute; it was a 2 hour process. Now that I have a husband and two boys packing can take 4 days or more.

No matter how much experience you have, there is always something. It seems almost impossible not to forget something. But I’ve ALMOST got the hang of this packing business.

This is how we breakup responsibilities: My husband looks out for himself and I do the rest! Believe me; this is better than it sounds. The packing process is faster if I take care of the kid’s stuff.

The first thing I worry about is having the right clothes for the destination we are about to visit. If I think I need anything I go to online stores like alexandalexa. Once I am sure that our clothing will be weather appropriate I move on to actually packing.

Here are some of the things, aside from clothes that I pack for my boys if we are going on a long weekend trip:

  • Cleaning cloths and bibs
  • Water bottles
  • Sippy cup with water or juice
  • Baby wipes
  • Sun screen
  • Tylenol for Kids
  • Saline solution for nose drops
  • Crackers
  • Fruit and snacks
  • Toys
  • Portable dvd player and videos
  • Kid friendly camera
  • Drawing book or coloring book and coloredSnacks – cereal, cookies
  • Milk
  • Ipod/mp3 player

This is just a quick list of must haves for traveling with my boys. I’m sure the list will be different for every family. But I hope this gives you an idea of some of the things that you might need for a family vacation.

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