Oxford Exchange Tampa – Dine with the Movers and Shakers of Tampa, Florida

Every city has a restaurant that is known to be the ‘Mover’s and Shaker’s’ go-to spot. Kind of like when you hear people in Hollywood say, “Let’s do lunch”, if they were in Tampa they would be heading to the Oxford Exchange.

Since I’m a mover and shaker in my own right – I like to move it and shake it while traveling, and what better place than with the rest of the cool kids?

oxford exchange restaurant in tampa fl

Why Oxford Exchange Tampa FL is a ‘Can’t-Miss-Breakfast’ Hotspot

egg whites with kale at the oxford exchange tampa florida

I’m going to give full credit where it is due. I didn’t know anything at all about this restaurant until it was recommended to me by the lovely people of Visit Tampa Bay. I strongly suggest to always contact the local tourism offices before arriving to your destination. The people that work there not only know about the place but they love it, so they usually could plug you in to all the cool spots to visit.

Instead of lunch, I did breakfast at the Oxford Exchange. Here are some interesting aspects that struck me as truly unique about this restaurant:

1. The layout of the restaurant. The dining areas are scattered amongst three places. One is like a lounge area. An outside area. And the main dining room.

From looking around I’d say at least 300 people can eat here comfortably and not make it feel like it is overcrowded. Yes, that’s how large it is.

main dining room at oxford exchange restaurant

2. The food is almost all organic and locally grown

3. They have the best tea selection of any restaurant I have visited in a really long time. I had several cups just so I can taste the different teas they offer.

Tea at oxford exchange tampa, fl

4. Comfy chairs – nothing beats regal chairs and large windows while enjoying a tasty cup of tea.

Oxford Exchange Tampa - comfy chair

5. The restaurant is a lot more than just a restaurant. They also sell rare books.

rare book shop at the oxford exchange restaurant tampa

And they have a novelty shop towards the other end.

novelty shop at the oxford restaurant tampa

6. I normally don’t even notice this, but they have the largest, most decorative bathroom I have ever seen.

bathroom at oxford exchange tampa fl

7. Check please

check oxford tampa fl

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Fun Facts About Oxford Exchange Restaurant

  • Oxford Exchange is a restaurant, store, and tea & coffee shop in a historic building from 1891 that was originally a stable for the Plant Hotel.
  • In the 1920s an arcade of shops ran through the center of the building, a feature that is echoed in the current design.
  • Oxford Exchange is really two buildings: the original four walls of Number 420, and a new structure that took the place of an older building next door.

How It All Started

  • Tampa businessman Blake Casper, on a visit to London, got interested by the architecture, feel, and use of English shops and clubs.
  • He saw the potential for these kinds of multi-use spaces in his hometown and started thinking of a place where people could meet, mingle, or work in solitude.
  • When he got home, Casper assembled a team of architects, engineers, designers, and craftsmen to transform an old building into a state-of-the-art complex.
  • Finally in 2011 Oxford Exchange began to take shape.
  • Each area of the restaurant offers its own feel and personality, and yet each contributes to the whole.
  • The materials used for building Oxford Exchange came from over a dozen countries.
  • Oxford Exchange first opened its doors at 6:30AM on September 24, 2012.

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