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How to Overcome Being a Victim and Get to a Place of Power Hack

Victim vs. Responsibility Hack – Daniel Negreanu – I go through an exercise that helps me deal with the reality of the situation! I tell my story to myself from the perspective of a victim, then I tell the same story with 100 percent responsibility!Here is all about how you can manage to Overcome Being a Victim and get to a place of feeling empowered and valuable.

Victim: I was late to an important event and my gf took too long to get ready! It’s not my fault.

Overcome Being a Victim

Responsibility: I acknowledge my breakdown for being late. In the future, I am committed to making sure that I do everything I can to ensure that I’m on time!

Telling myself the victim story allows me to vent briefly. Once I’m over it, then I realize that if the meeting was important to me, I should have made it clear to my gf that I couldn’t be late, and let her know that if she was running late, I’d have to leave without her!

Your Story is Not Just Your Own Hack – Amanda NguyenHow to find the power within –nominated for noble peace prize – owner of rise – women overcoming abuse – I truly believe that from the time we are born we have a light inside of us that we are wanting to shine. And a lot of growing up is just trying to not be afraid of our own light, for being different and not being liked. The most powerful thing that we have is our voices, and that your story is not yours alone.

It’s meant to be shared with others so they can feel that experience. So, if you want to be an Astronaut or Entrepreneur, go and be that. If you want to impact the world, go do that. It is you and only you that can share that gift with others. So, realize your voice has power!

Go From the Story Owning You, To You Owning Your Story Hack – Amanda Nguyen – How to overcome feeling like a victim – Responsible for getting 20 bills passed in states to prevent rape from happening to women! One of the things that I do as someone who comes in and wants to become an activist is, step one, share their story.

Tell the story in their own narrative and from their own voice so they can both say it and talk about it out loud! For most people this is the first time they have ever told a story from their own narrative as most of us do it from a third-party for sense of validation.

Then we continue to have them tell their story to get the bill in front of Congress and playing on the sense of empathy and eventually work their way up to telling their stories over and over again until the bill is passed by the governor.

The great part is while there’s a change on the macro level which doesn’t affect women on a broader scale, there’s also a change on the micro-level where that story goes from a sense of victim hood to the sense of empowerment, where the story no longer owns them but they truly do on their own story where the first time they were triggered by it, now they are empowered by it!

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