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Outfit Inspiration for a Stylish Summer Vacation

Summer is undoubtedly the best season in a year, a time of year when everything and everyone seems to radiate positive energy and a mesmerizing natural beauty. Summer has a way of lifting our spirits making us feel as though the world were singing to us – and we want to sing back. Cities seem to come alive in summer, with a resurgent of energy as the city that once lay dormant in the shaded hues of winter now seems to blossom. It is reignited with an energetic spark as people hit the beaches, and bars.Three different styles that will keep you comfortable,fresh and stylish on your summer vacation.Check out here the list of summer vacation.

Summer sees people take on new adventures and, of course, they shed their dreary winter tones of grey, black and in exchange for beautiful bright colors that reflect our exterior. The entire city comes alive when the weather is warm and inviting, and it certainly strikes a chord within us. We spend moths reminiscing about our previously lived summer months and (not so patiently) waiting for the sun to show some face – sometimes missing summer so much that we board trains, and planes following the sun wherever he may shine in hopes to escape the cold. This works, but following the whereabouts of the sun is hard, consuming and expensive work, especially if you’re running from the cold; for many reason – one of them being that usually, 99.9 times we are unprepared. In fact, packing for your vacation when you’re living in blizzard territory fit for Santa and Santa only. It becomes impossibly difficult to think of our ‘itty bitty polka dot bikini’ when we are tucked away in hoodies and sweatpants trying not to die of frostbite or hypothermia.

BUT, have no fear and fret no more for wherever your summer escape may be, no matter if it is a remote, luxurious African island or a surf trip to Hawaii we’ve got your summer outfit inspo covered – so you can transition from winter to summer seamlessly. By putting together, the ultimate summer outfit guide, we will ensure you not only have the all the summer essentials covered, but also look like you didn’t just appear in the flesh after ten years of winter hibernation into a world unknown.

We all know the what the perfect summer essential attire should constitute of – something light and cool, maybe even something that shows a little skin. But, every year there are new trends and styles on the horizon and it’s best to be prepared and on top of them if you plan on turning some heads.

Take a look at our useful guide to the top summer-dress trends for Summer Vacation


A Summer Dress for Summer Vacation


Summer Vacation Fashion

It’s time to say goodbye to your favorite LBD – little black dress – for now.  Winter is finally over and the opportunity to grace our bodies with some much-needed color and pizazz is the multitude of beautiful, feminine summer dresses. Which is undoubtedly a huge trend every season. Whether it’s a short or long (maxi) dress, you’ll feel light and breezy and super sensual as you slink out of the confines of your LBD and into a world of color and vibrant prints. opt for something with color; reds, mustard yellows and pinstriped blues are the favored hues for summer, but a crisp white dress is eternal It’s all about feminine styles; frills, wraps, open-shoulders or low-cut necklines. The more less tailored than the LBD and more ethereal and floaty with soft cotton fabrics and linens. The summer dress is always a staple as it is the perfect beach to bar outfit allowing you to seamlessly transition from vacation location to location – with an ease and effortlessness as we’re able to quickly slip it on or off, with zero hassle. Pair this gorgeous piece with some complimentary jewels, slide-on sandals and a fedora and embrace on all the perks of summer.

Playsuits for Summer Vacation


Summer Vacation Fashion

Playsuits are just as effortless as the summer-dress, as one piece of clothing it makes an entire outfit in one foul swoop. This means it takes up less space in your travel bag – making the dreaded ‘pack lightly’, an achievable task – finally! Not only are playsuits super-cute, versatile and convenient –  they usually look amazing on any body type and allow SO much room for activities. Literally, unlike the staple summer dress, these playsuits allow us to go on adventures without fear of showing off your crowned jewel – if you get my drift. This sort of style can be easily dressed down for the daytime, when you’re meandering around the town or going to the beach and can be easily dressed-up for the evening, when you’re visiting a restaurant or a local beach bar. Pair this ensemble with some lace-up sandals, block heels or even a pair of comfy sneakers –  They don’t call it a ‘playsuit’ for nothing so don’t be afraid to play around with different looks.

Culotte trousers for Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation Fashion

Culotte trousers are those sassy, stylish, wide legged, trousers that seem to be shout ‘I’m super chic’ and which admittedly we’ve been eyeing out for a while but aren’t sure if they’ll suit us. Well myth officially busted – kinda. This look is easy to pull off – If paired with the correctly with the right ensembles – like shoes and top. They’re perfect to take along on a next summer vacation, whether it’s off the beaten track (like a safari trip, perhaps), or a beach vacation, or an adventure destination, because they’re light and easy to wear especially for sticky summer days. This look is not only cool and comfortable but it’s super versatile and can be dressed up and down. A crop top or well-fitted tee will pull the look together, paired with slide-on sandals. This is another look that you can easily transform and dress-up, by throwing on a pair of strappy-heels and a fabulous red lipstick.

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