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Visit North Carolina – Why Its Outer Banks Are Famous for Summer Vacations

Although there are so many wonderful places to spend a summer vacation in the United States with its 3.8 million square miles, the Outer Banks of North Carolina always ranks highly as a favorite tourist attraction. It may seem as though there doesn’t seem to be a lot to attract visitors, at first glance, but when you understand the absolute breathtaking beauty and the amazingly compelling crystal blue Atlantic waters, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t hit this ocean paradise before.Here are some tons of reasons to visit North Carolina all year long and there are even more to do so during the summer months.

Are you looking for somewhere new to spend your summer vacation this year? Just look at all the things you can enjoy when you visit North Carolina has to offer.

Visit North Carolina - Why Its Outer Banks Are Famous for Summer Vacations
Photo by Jim Liestman

Visit North Carolina – Why Its Outer Banks Are Famous for Summer Vacations

A Bit of History to know before Visit North Carolina

A few decades ago, you could visit the Outer Banks and stay in any number of hotels that lined the coast. But that has all changed. Those establishments have largely been torn down to make way for individual vacation rental homes such as you can find on the Carolina Designs Vacation Rentals website. These actually make for a more intimate family vacation because they provide separate rooms without a stupendous extra cost and have common areas where family members can get together to enjoy home cooked meals, talk about their daily excursions and above all, simply enjoy that much needed time in each other’s company – something rarely accomplished at home where life is akin to a roller coaster ride.

A Little Something for Everyone to know before Visit North Carolina

One of the biggest reasons why people come from all over the world in the summer to spend a week or more in the Outer Banks is because there is so much to see and do that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. From horseback riding and mini cruises to shopping at the famed Tangier Outlet in Nags Head, there is an activity to suit anyone of any age and enough activities to keep you more than busy. The shore is dotted with some historic lighthouses and for those who like to collect lighthouse mementos, there are plenty of those to go around. From miniatures to hand painted works of art, the Outer Banks is a lighthouse lover’s paradise just waiting to be explored.

Let’s Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Of course when booking a lovely vacation cottage, you will want to eat a majority of your meals together while enjoying the nautical beauty all around you. However, when it’s time to spend an evening out and about, you will not lack for something to do. There are so many delectable restaurants and cafes in the area that you can choose a new one every day of your stay and never run out of the mouth-watering delicacies you would expect so close to the ocean in the southern part of the nation. True to life in North Carolina, the Outer Banks is a world of luxury set apart from the rest of society inland and each community becomes a home away from home where vacationers come back year after year, often forming a vacation network of friends that book the same cottages the same week or weeks of the year to keep the bond of friendship going.

The Outer Banks was once known as a place where the elite of society spent their summers. However, as the natural beauty began to attract a growing number of annual visitors, there are now vacationers from all walks of life who simply want to get away from it all without getting too far out! This summer you can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic coastline without spending a small fortune. Bring the entire family and spend time nestled away from the bustling crowds in the heart of some of the most beautiful landscapes anywhere on earth.

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