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Outdoor Sleeping Pads – 8 Things You Should Know Before Having One

A sleeping pad is the best companion to a person who likes outdoor activities. Because, the outdoor night is cold and a good sleeping pad keeps you warm and lets you have a good sleep. This is a necessary stuff for every outdoor camper. If you’re a new camper and want to start camping, then you should have a sleeping pad. But first of all, you need to know some facts about the outdoor sleeping pad.Need to know before buying your next outdoor sleeping pads for your next camping adventure.Learn all about outdoor sleeping pads.

Outdoor Sleeping Pads
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Though this is a sleeping stuff such as mattress, but they two are not same. There are a lot of differences between these two. In this article, we have included 8 things that you should know before start stepping to buy a new sleeping pad. Here we go-

  1. For Better Sleep:

You may be wondering why you should buy a sleeping pad where you can use portable mattress size by using waterproof mattress protector  for outdoor nights. Well, you may use that, but for outdoor activities, the sleeping pad has more efficient work ability. The sleeping pad keeps your body away from the ground and lets you to have a good night sleep by providing extreme comfort.

After a long and hard work out outdoor day, your body must need a sound sleep and the sleeping pad helps you wonderfully to do that, and if you are a back sleeper don’t forget that it is very important to have the best pillow for back sleepers to evade the back pain next morning.

  1. R- Value:

Did you know why sleeping pads are so popular for camping? There are many reasons, but the most important reason is the R-Value. The “R-value” is an insulting term which is the measure of the thermal resistant of the pad. The R-value indicates how quickly your pad can lose heat. Remember, the higher the R-value number is, the better thermal quality you get from the pad.

If you have a sleeping pad with higher R-value, then your pad will lose the heat slowly and you have more time of proper sleep. Because outdoor nights are cold and that cold has an extreme effect on your sleep.

  1. Build Materials:

The material of the sleeping pad is also so important because the batter material the pad’s made of, the quality pad you get. You can view the material info in the product description section. Some pads are made with polyester face fabric which is good but some pads have non-slip underside. This non-slip feature prevents the pad from sliding around in the tent. If your pad slips, it won’t be good for your sound sleep. So, always try to have a pad with good material and non-slipping underside.

  1. Self-Inflating System:

If your sleeping pad has a self-inflating system, then it’ll be so good. The oversized valves make the inflating & deflating system easier. When your sleeping pad has a self-inflating system, you get better and easier support from your pad. So, always try to own one with this system. 

  1. Dimensions & Weight:

We all know how important the mattress dimensions are for our beds. Outdoor sleeping pads are also not too different. You must look after the dimension of the sleeping pads before buying because dimension has a relation with the R-value. How? Well, the dimension and the shape of the sleeping pad must be according to your body size. If you own a bigger pad than your body, then the R-value will decrease as your body can’t cover the entire pad’s area.

On the other hand, if you own a smaller size, then you can’t sleep well. Additionally, weight is matter when you have to carry it. Having a bigger pad without any reason causes extra value which has negative impact when you need to carry it during kayaking, bicycling, canoeing and hiking and backpacking. So, consider the size and weight wisely according to your outdoor tour style.

Note: You should also consider that how small it is when it’s packed because when you’re in outdoor events, size matters.

  1. Special Features:

Now come to the features section. Different sleeping pad has different features (some features are common obviously) according to the model and manufacturer. You must be benefited with special features. Just check your wish list’s pad’s special features and pick that one which has more effective features that’ll be helpful for you during outdoor nights.

  1. Pros & Cons:

Yes, when you want to have a new sleeping pad, cons of a sleeping pad is matter besides the pros. It’s not enough to look at the pros only. When you select a pad, check out the cons of the pad. If you find a lot of cons which will affect your camping a lot, then skip it and go for selecting a better one. Actually, we didn’t a lot of cons with any of the pads, but when it’s the matter of bulks, you should be careful.

  1. Product Reviews:

This is final step to finish your buying. When you select a sleeping pad finally, check out the reviews of the product before ordering it. Previous buyers share their experiences about the product. So, if you check the reviews out, you will have a clear idea about that product. Just read the customer reviews and if you feel that this product is good and will perfect for you during your outdoor nights, order it.

Final Words:

Yes, at last, we’re the bottom line. If you read this entire guide then I can assure that you know why sleeping pad is important for campers and how to choose the perfect pad for you. We talked with some campers and wanted to know about the importance of a sleeping pad. Different campers had different opinions but basically, they’re all positive. And at the end of the line, one thing was common in their experiences. And that was “DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A SLEEPING PAD”.

Actually, a sleeping pad is very necessary for outdoor campers and this is the best companion of a camper. Stay safe and good luck with your outdoor activities.

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