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Travel Size Pocket Knife – Necessary for All Purposes

For a graduation gift years ago my husband received a pocket knife with every single type of blade you can imagine. It was fun to look at, but in reality not too practical for traveling when you all you really need is one blade. And even more so, not so bulky.

After disliking the look of it every time he puts it in his pants, I decided to find him a different styled pocket knife. One that I will not constantly see protruding from his pockets especially when we are traveling and he insists on taking it everywhere we go, even in cities.

Bear & Son Cutlery has been in our lives for ages. My father and brother both use their products and I decided it’s time for our family to have it too.

I chose the 3″ Rosewood Executive Upswept Lockback. This knife is made out of stainless steel weights only 1.8 oz and measures 8″ when it is opened and 3″ when it is closed.

I know these numbers are hard to grasp, so here’s a good photo of how compact it is closed:

bear and son cutlery

And this is how it looks opened:

pocket knife

The blade is sharp, easy to open and close, with a lock when opened. It’s stainless steel so we don’t have to worry about rusting in humid areas.

So far, we are truly loving this small, compact knife and my husband has even left the other home more and more times.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Size Pocket Knife – Necessary for All Purposes

  1. I like better the mouse. 🙂 But that’s just me and my strange relationship with knives.

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