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Original Gifts For People Who Love to Travel

Getting a gift for a travel buff can be pretty hard. Some things might be considered too expensive, like tickets for their next trip, and a key chain might seem too tacky. When you’re thinking about the right gifts for them, choosing from all the unique options can be a little unnerving. Getting a gift for a travel buff can be pretty hard.So, we’ve provided a guide for the best Gifts For People Who Love to Travel and why.

Gifts For People Who Love to Travel

Best Gifts For Someone Who Loves to Travel and Why

A Polaroid Camera

If you want to go old-school modern, then Polaroids are it. Not only do they allow your travel lover to take pictures, but they can print them on the go. Polaroids offer them a chance to experience the feel of an instant image while they have fun and travel. And, you get to enjoy it too when you’re in the picture.

Travel Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the simplest choices for a travel gift, because of how it can come in different forms from simple metal designs, to large beads or even cultural headgear.

You can buy travel jewelry as a gift for someone to wear, or as an ornamental piece for their home. The different ways you can present it make it one of the simplest and best choices.

Fridge Magnets

A fridge magnet is one gift that can be pretty tacky but is much appreciated. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can get a lot of options from simple fruit to postcard designs and more.

When picking a fridge magnet, you should go for something funny and sweet that the person you’re getting it for will be able to understand.


There are a lot of ornaments to choose from when you’re thinking of a travel gift. Small paraphernalia like keychains, country-specific items like mini globes of the Eiffel Tower, a model of an architectural site, a dummy mummy, etc. You have to consider what the individual you’re shopping for likes, if they’re big on history, then ornaments with historical landmarks and people would be cool. If they’re foodies, you can get unique recipe books or cool ceramics.


For the times spent at the airport lounge between flights or the days spent in transit during long-distance road travel, you can get a book to keep them company. And for the lovers of soft copy books. You can get an affordable E-reader loaded with different books or a gift card for new books. When it comes to literature and reading material, the options are quite varied and easy to access. With stores and websites offering books you can get quick access to.

Something a little more original

Star Maps

When visiting a country for the first time, the sky can be a rather breathtaking view at night, with the stars aligning to display constellations, like beautiful sparkling diamonds in the sky. To remember sights like this from abroad, you could get star maps for the different places someone you know has been to, with or without you. For instance, if their last trip was in Singapore, you could get them a star map poster of Singapore’s sky as a special souvenir. You could also get one to commemorate an event that happened there or for them to keep as memorabilia for themselves. Sparked your curiosity ? You can find out more here !

To sum it all up

When it comes to travel lovers, there are always a lot of gifts to offer. So when you’re choosing, always remember to pick something they’ll like. No matter how funny or tacky it may seem.

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