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How to Organize the Perfect Staycation if You’re a Freelance Writer

Any freelance writer knows that with great freedom comes great responsibility. The ability to work when you want is very liberating, but if you are paying down huge debts, it also means you have to work as much as you can. There are no paid vacations for this gig.Six tips on how to organize the perfect stay cation if you’re a freelance writer.Check this out to learn about freelance writer.

Freelance Writer

On the other hand, you need a break every once in a while, or you will just burn out. This is true to the nth power, to which any professional writer from Essays Scholaradvisor can attest.

So how can you reconcile these two great truths? Staycation!

A staycation makes sense for a freelance writer on so many levels. It gives you a chance to recharge without paying an arm and a leg as you would for a “real” vacation. You can stay indoors with a bucket of ice cream and binge watch Mindhunter without feeling guilty about not visiting the tourist spots. It may not be as glamorous or selfie-worthy as a vacation in exotic places, but it does get the work done. You also save a ton of money, so you can theoretically afford not to work for a little while. Tit for tat.

That said, it would still be a good idea to prepare for your planned staycation to make it the perfect one. Here are some organization tips for freelance writers.

Freelance Writer

How to Organize the Perfect Staycation

Tell your clients

A freelance writer depends on the continuous goodwill and trust of many clients. You don’t want to leave them hanging by simply disappearing from the face of the earth. Tell your clients ahead of time that you will be unavailable for work for the duration of your staycation a couple of weeks before. This gives them enough lead-time to organize the work they normally give you. They may choose to give you work in advance so they won’t feel your absence as much. The bonus here is you make extra money so your bank balance will look as if you never went on staycation at all! Beautiful.

You should also take the time to set up the auto responder on your work email so it sends an “away from work” or “on vacation” message to anyone who contacts you for new work. Make sure you put the exact date when you may be reached to avoid missing new work opportunities.

Avoid checking your emails

Most freelance writers automatically check their emails the moment they get up. Break that routine while you’re on staycation. Resist the compulsion to power up your laptop for anything more than playing Overwatch or Candy Crush. Better yet, leave your laptop off for the duration. Quit cold turkey, at least for your staycation. It can be hard to do, because you have this guilt about not working. If you don’t, you will end up working anyway, and that defeats the purpose of taking a break. Derive comfort from the fact that once you get back on the saddle, you will be fresh and eager to go.

Hang up your routine

Taking a break from work means taking a break from all your work, and that include chores. If you were on another type of vacation, you wouldn’t be scrubbing the bathroom or organizing your closet. If you cringe at the thought of leaving your chores undone for days on end, then do extra scrubbing and organizing in the week prior to your
vacation. Unless you live in a madhouse, that should keep things together for a couple of weeks. Alternatively, you can spend a bit of the money you saved from not going on a regular vacation to hire a cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning. A sparkling house to lounge in while on vacation is pure pleasure.

Of course, if doing chores are NOT part of your routine, then it might make a welcome break! Some writers do find it relaxing to do chores, because it doesn’t require any thinking, and that in itself is a relief.

Try out new places

A staycation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay home all the time. A good way to spend your rare free time is to find new restaurants in your area and splurge on a few great meals. If food is not your idea of heaven, go to a spa and get the royal treatment.

You might also want to check out some local tourist sites that for some reason you never got around to visiting. Go for that museum tour, or participate in a wine tasting event. You might also want to time your staycation to coincide with annual festivals or celebrations, so you can really go out and enjoy yourself.

Memorialize the moments

Most people take photos like crazy when they are on vacation, but memorable moments don’t just happen in exotic places. Document your staycation by taking photos or videos of the interesting, cute, and/or funny things you see and experience. Many a funny cat video was probably captured during a staycation. Memorializing the moments puts you into true vacation mode. Who knows, it may even launch you into the viral universe.

A staycation is a good way for a freelance writer to take a long break without breaking the bank. If you do your preparations properly, you will experience the perfect one you will remember with fondness for a long time.

BIO: Laura Buckler is a seasoned English writer with considerable exposure to creative writing. Her biggest hobby is acting like a motivational speaker for discriminated and depressed people, which is why she spends a lot of time volunteering in the city’s hospital and shelter.