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Stay Away from Sunburn and Bugs in an Eco Friendly Way

The tropics has many, many wonderful elements to it. The weather is great, the jungles, forests and beaches are gorgeous. And there is always a new furry creature for your kids to get close encounters with.

However, the tropics also has potent elements that not only harm you but can be painful. The biggie, of course, is the strong, unrelenting sun. And don’t forget the critters such as mosquitos, sand flies, and other blood sucking creatures that no one wants to get up close and personal with.

Putting bug spray or sunscreen on my kids is always a huge hassle. I can barely do one, when I forgot that I have to do the other one and by then they have run off. At night we then deal with either insane amount of bug bites or sunburns. But kids don’t learn and will do this all over again.

To simplify my life I looked for a product that has the power of two-in-one. And luckily, I found Badger.

Badger Balm is a family owned company that uses organic ingredients to create their personal care products. They make and sell unique products like the Bug Repellent sunscreen, a deed free product that repels bugs as it avoids sunburn.

If you don’t want both, no worries they have Organic Sunscreen Cream. It has no scent and it is sweat and water resistant. Oh, and they also have a really cool product: Sunscreen Lip Balm with SPF15.

Badger Bug Repellent Sunscreen

My Take on It

We are not big on sunscreens in cream form. But trust me, when we look at our bug bites from the day before, and I stress over and over again the damage the sun can give our skin, the kids put up with it. And truthfully, it’s easy to apply and not very thick like most creams are.

I really like the lip balm with sunscreen. I haven’t found many companies that have this product. The one thing about it though is that it does leave a white residue on the lips. I am able to cover it up with a lip gloss, but my kids won’t have any of that.

Contact and Information for Badger Balm

Badger Balm company has a lot of really cool, organic and environmentally friendly products to choose from. If you visit their site you can find them all, plus all the different sales and offers that are going on at the time. It’s definitely the best way to go.

And when you like their Facebook and follow them on Twitter you’ll be privy to info that only their fans find out first.

So get on it. Having a two-in-one bug and sunscreen helper is really awesome.

Stay Away fron Sunburn and Bugs with Organic Skin Care Products


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