Once In a Lifetime Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas

Some people prefer to spend their winter holidays where it’s safe and warm. On the contrary, the cold weather and snow don’t stop winter enthusiasts from exploring the world.If you would like to have a unique travel experience this cold season, then we have a couple of Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas for you.

Luckily for the latter, there are many destinations in the world that offer exciting experiences during the wintertime. 

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Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas

Escape to the Beach

Even if you are afraid of frostbite, you don’t have to spend the winter holidays at home. Luckily, the world is a big place, and there is a beach for every taste.

In case you would like to avoid boots and sweaters, your options are: 

  • going to places where summer never ends
  • traveling to the southern hemisphere.

If you prefer the first option, then you want to think about tropical destinations. India and Sri Lanka offer amazing sun and sand travel opportunities. At the same time, the prices tend to be quite affordable.

If you would like to travel even further, then Australia might be your best choice. Except for breathtaking wildlife, you can enjoy the wonders of the southern sky in the night and sunbathe on Australian white sand beaches. 

Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas


Iceland’s Hot Springs, Black Beaches, and Northern Lights

Iceland is an indisputable superstar destination among nature lovers. 

Although located in the Northern Atlantic, close to eternally frozen Greenland, the temperatures there aren’t too low during the winter. On the contrary, the warm Gulf stream keeps the temperatures between 14 and 44 F throughout the whole year. 

So, during the winter months, with an extra pair of socks, travelers can enjoy exploring this astonishing country. The usual activities are walks on black volcanic beaches, seeing Aurora Borealis, and bathing in mineral hot springs

Also, seeing frozen waterfalls and visiting blue ice caves could make a winter holiday you’ve never experienced before.

Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas


Be an Eskimo In Germany

Although most of us associate Eskimos with the Arctic circle, you can get the same experience in Southern Germany as well.

The German company Iglu-Dorf gathers artists and engineers to create igloos in various shapes and sizes. Additionally, sleeping inside a snow building is much more comfortable than you might think. The rooms are set for a cozy atmosphere and there are even jacuzzis and outdoor bars to socialize with other visitors.

Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas



Just like the Gulf stream keeps Iceland warm during the winter, it is the same with Scottish highlands.

Therefore, Scotland is a great winter destination for anyone in love with nature and romantic scenery. There are more than one thousand castles in Scotland, scattered about green hills and meadows.

Apart from the castles, other amazing places to visit in Scotland are the Isle of Skye and Loch Ness.

Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas


Ice Fishing In Alaska

If you are a fan of unusual experiences, this one’s for you. In Fairbanks, Alaska, you can go back to the basics and enjoy catching your own food. If you book an experience with a local touristic agency, you will get everything you need. 

A guide will provide you with the equipment and knowledge to catch and then prepare your fish for dinner. 

Additionally, spending time on the frozen lake and in the snowy forests will bless your ears with deep silence. And if you’re lucky, you can see some northern lights here as well.

Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas


Visit a National Park During the Low Season

Imagine being able to take pictures in a national park without other tourists messing up your shot. Well, it is possible if you go there during the winter.

Actually, you are doing a great favor to national parks if you go there during the low season. Overtourism is suffocating many of these destinations. High volumes of visitors inevitably damage both nature and the quality of the travel experience.

Therefore, think about going to Yellowstone or the Rocky Mountains this winter. In truth, you will see that the offer of additional activities might be less diverse. Thus, cafes might be closed and shuttle buses might not be operating. 

However, finding a parking spot will be no hassle and you will get to enjoy nature with much less distraction.

Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas

Ski in Europe

Classics are always in fashion. Europe is home to winter sports and has some of the best ski resorts in the world. Therefore, having a European family ski holiday is always a good choice.

Everywhere, from Norway to Italy, there are outstanding ski resorts placed in wonderful natural settings. 

However, if you would like to avoid crowds or travel on a budget, there are smaller countries hiding great resorts as well.

For example, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a famous ski center in Southeast Europe. The nature in this country is absolutely stunning, the prices are very affordable, and there are many opportunities to taste the amazing local cuisine.

Also, other hidden European gems you could explore are Bulgaria and Slovenia.

Winter Travel Inspiring Ideas



Seeing children playing and enjoying the snow reminds us of how enjoyable winter can be. Except for good old skiing, we can make our holidays unforgettable in so many different ways. 

From ice fishing in Alaska to surfing on Australian beaches, countless destinations wait for you, offering unique experiences. Whether you travel alone, with your friends and partner, or with a family, make sure to experience this winter to the fullest.

Last Updated on June 18, 2023

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