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How Often Should You Take CBD Oil: A Dosing Guide for CBD Products

CBD products have become popular in recent years, and consumer demand will only keep growing. The CBD market could bring in $16 billion in revenue by 2025. While there are many CBD products available, the oil products are some of the most popular.Have you ever wondered how often you should take CBD oil for it to work and still remain safe?Look at this Guide for CBD Products to find out.

The FDA hasn’t created a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for CBD products, including oils. So whether you’re new to CBD or not, figuring out the right dosage for your needs can be difficult. To help, we’ve put together a simple guide to help answer the common question of how often should you take CBD oil.

Guide for CBD Products

How Often Should You Take CBD Oil

Consider Your Reasons for Taking CBD

CBD offers many therapeutic uses, but focusing on one or two will help you figure out the ideal dosage. For example, if you want to use CBD oil for chronic issues like arthritis, acne, or epilepsy, you’ll likely take the oil every day. If you want to see how CBD affects your general mood, or treat issues that don’t arise every day – whether that’s anxiety or insomnia – you may want to take CBD on an as-needed basis.

Realize the Common Dosage Recommendation Isn’t Right for Everyone

Though the FDA hasn’t issued an RDI, most CBD oil products recommend one dropper of oil per day. But the concentration of CBD in different products varies, and there are individual factors to consider as well. These include your body weight, your unique body chemistry, and the severity of the condition you want to treat.

Be Open to Experimenting with Small Dosages in the Beginning

The factors we mention above may help guide you toward a starting point, but it may take time to pinpoint your ideal CBD dose and schedule. You can start with a smaller dose and gauge your reaction. If needed, continue to increase your dose and frequency, monitoring how you feel until you find what works best for you.

See Your Physician to Ask How Often Should You Take CBD Oil

If you have a physician who you trust and who knows you well, you can turn to them for advice, too. Your doctor can offer guidance on CBD dosage and frequency, and may also know of affordable CBD products that don’t lack in quality. Not all doctors are open to the use of CBD, so be sure you know your physician’s views before asking for CBD advice.

Explore the Research Available to Become More Familiar with CBD

If you’re not comfortable asking a physician, you can find information from other reputable sources. Though CBD isn’t regulated, there is research available for you to explore. Most studies have used doses between 40 milligrams and 1,500 milligrams a day, so you’ll find a wide range of dosage information.

Improve Your Life with CBD, Travel, and More

Once you’ve explored the question of how often should you take CBD oil, you can incorporate it into your routine to improve your everyday life. If you’re looking for other ways to help you enjoy life more, you’re in the right place. Explore our blog for tips on travel and travel destinations, product reviews, and more.

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