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October 2015 Travel Guide

Traveling is like a scoop of tempting Belgium dark chocolate ice-cream with a chunk of nutella on top which is tasted by every passerby. And when traveling in October, your favorite occasion to celebrate a diplomatic season for the year, is considered, your hearts often skip a beat for the heat of thrill planned for this October’s vacation. A thundering mix of mint flavored spicy moist winds and raw cold winters which tranquilize men just as the alcohol they consume before sleeping away for the night. This is what October 2015’s traveling is all about. And if you really want to check out places for your travel this month, below are a few locations to be traveled this October.A short list of travel guide about four places to visit in October for some kind of festival or event.Take a look at this article.

1- Nepal – Trekking freaks are up on the charts for visiting Nepal, as the sport mentioned is the perfect moment for you guys to grab in October because the moisture on lands and the wetness in the air is already vanished from the skies, reflecting a perfectly dry atmosphere along with decently melted snow sheets on the grounds of mountains where trekking is held. Annapurna region is an absolutely lovely region to begin trekking with. And if the recent earthquake is considered into your mind, then as per news, most of the hilly areas weren’t even affected by the quake which hit, so no problem would come between your bellowed holidays at Nepal during October. Also, trekking equipment could be grabbed on at discounted rates now, as Paytm and Redbus coupons are distributing them for the same.

Travel Guide - Chhusang farming community
Photo by: Jean-Marie Hullot

2- Jordan – For the socially well-equipped crowd who busy themselves entirely, often being targeted as the one for kitty parties and occasions for social birds ending up tired onto their beds, Jordan is the perfect place for you which hands over an opportunity to give up the commercially social region temporarily and bestow a peace of mind situation, as crowd there is very minimal during October seasons and you could capture the views of ancient sculptures, tombs and paintings for the beauty to acknowledge.

3- Albuquerque, USA – Octobers are basically a dicey mixture of light weight moist winds and dry atmosphere to stick upon skins which is fabulous for Hot air balloons tour to fly the sky in Alberquerque, USA. A travel guide and cheerful view of USA from the skies along with a midst value of pressure to deal with, this experience is worth yearning for in Octobers. Apart from this, the carnival stays a 9 day long one which includes sprinkles of joy with music fests, dances and of course, Ballooning competitions.

Travel Guide - New Mexico Sunset
Photo by: Woody Hibbard

4- Toronto – You can also visit Toronto for its art festival held by Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. This festival mirrors an overall participation of various respectful institutions to come and present their skills of art galleries inside the auditorium and is open for all tourists to glance through such wonderful arts sold for millions.

Travel guide of mentioning the most favorable destinations to visit in October 2015, we hope you travelers would opt for one of the above destinations for a delightful culture experience during the season. Book your holiday in advance with GrabOn coupons and discounts available on flights, accommodation and holiday packages to save big.

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