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Rafting in Ocoee River, Tennessee and What You Need to Know About It

River rafting isn’t only for thrill-seekers or adventure-loving people. As life becomes busier, you find yourself spending less time outdoors. That’s why more people (in groups or by themselves) are opting to experience an exciting river-based leisure activity as a fun, healthy, and appealing solution. Not only are you able to enjoy nature in often unparalleled beauty, but you can also burn a few calories in the process if that’s what you’re after. What fun adventures you can have while rafting in the Ocoee River in Tennesse. Learn all about the great activity for the Ocoee river for adventure lovers.

Ocoee River Rafting

Why You Should Try Ocoee River Rafting

River rafting or white-water rafting is a recreational and sometimes competitive activity, partaken in using an inflatable raft traversing through a river at different degrees of speed. The speed of the current and rapids along the route dictate the level of difficulty and most people, particularly first-timers, opt for a river that requires a lower degree of effort and more fun.

Exciting activity

When choosing river rafting as a calming outdoor activity, you certainly have the option of “taking it easy,”  but there are also moments of intense paddling and hard graft. The contrast of emotions, from excitement, nervousness, fatigue, laughter, and everything in-between, is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

For the serious or experienced adventurers among us, some companies offer packages with riskier routes, that require more technical paddling and understanding, while others provide an excellent middle ground.

If you choose to do Ocoee River rafting, for example, you will be pushed to the limit when sailing down those bumpy rapids, in-between moments of peace and tranquility when the water calms and flattens out.

Different Levels of Difficulty

You should not worry though as a guide, known as the International Scale of River Difficulty, clearly sets out different levels of expertise required depending on the risk involved so that you won’t be caught by surprise. The guide lists six degrees of difficulty from the levels of novice to expert, allowing everybody to participate at the right venue.

So, whether you’re considering doing Ocoee River rafting during your birthday party, family outing, or even during a team-building activity with colleagues, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for. Just remember, when arranging a river rafting adventure, it’s best to book in advance and to leave the planning up to the professionals.

To help you along the way, adventure consultants such as Cascade Outdoors offer incredible tailor-made packages to suit your specific needs. These rafting operators provide all equipment necessary for your adventure, including the raft, paddles, helmets, floatation devices, and even dry bags for the safe storage of personal items.


Any river rafting adventures should always be under the supervision of experienced guides. They have the requisite experience to help you or your group through rougher waters but are also equipped with first-aid knowledge if the situation demands it. River rafting is still considered to be an adventure sport, and accepting some risk as part of the bargain is inevitable, but that’s not a worry with reputable companies.

So spice up your life and give rafting a chance. Soon you may have a new favorite hobby!

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