Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Light review

Introducing Oclip, your new versatile everyday carry (EDC) clip-on light designed for ultimate convenience and multipurpose use. Compact yet powerful, this light can be clipped, hung, or magnetically attached to iron objects, seamlessly integrating into any activity you undertake. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, reading, or simply need a photo fill light, Oclip has you covered.

Its durable spring clip, a significant upgrade from traditional back clips, is designed to withstand metal fatigue and deformation, offering a stable grip that can latch onto even the thickest objects. With a maximum brightness of up to 300 lumens, Type-C charging support, and a vital red-light warning function for safety, Oclip is set to revolutionize your lighting needs.

Features of Oclip clip light

The Oclip is packed with features that make it a must-have for any adventurer or outdoor enthusiast. The Dual light sources provide a white light for daily use and a red light for night vision, ensuring versatile usability. For heightened safety in critical moments, the beacon mode in white light and red blink mode are designed to maximize visibility.

Multiple ways to carry

The Oclip is designed with versatility in mind, offering multiple ways to carry it. Users can effortlessly clip it to their belongings, hang it on hooks or straps, or securely magnetically attach it to iron objects.

This flexibility caters to a wide array of applications, making it perfect for activities such as hiking, providing fill light for stunning photos, cycling adventures, reading in low light conditions, or even acting as a reliable safety warning device. With the Oclip, you have all the options you need for convenience and functionality.


A game-changer in clip technology! With its Durable clip that has been rigorously tested and proven to pass 10,000 cyclic tests, this innovative clip overcomes the common issues of metal fatigue and deformation often seen in traditional back clips.

You can trust the Oclip to provide a stable grip, allowing you to confidently clamp on objects up to 14mm thick. Experience the next level of durability and functionality with the Oclip!

Portable solution

Weighing in at just 1.05oz / 30g, and measuring a mere 1.90in / 48.5mm in length and 0.82in / 21mm in width, this revolutionary device offers unparalleled convenience without compromising on performance. Experience the future of portable lighting with Oclip and illuminate your world like never before!


The Oclip is manufactured with a body material of sturdy Aluminum Alloy (A6061-T6), boasting durability and resilience. With an impressive beam distance of 230 feet (70m) and a max performance of 300 lumens, it ensures visibility in any scenario.

The Oclip offers a maximum light intensity of 1,300 candela and is designed with a high-performance LED light source. The white light has a color temperature range of 5700-6500K, while the red light, sourced from TZ-2016, offers a wavelength of 620-625 nm. The device is equipped with a side switch for mode operation, enabling easy transition between different settings.

For charging, it offers the convenience of Type-C Charging. Compact yet capable, the Oclip offers top-tier performance wrapped in a sleek, portable design. 

With the Oclip, you never have to worry about running out of light again. It comes with intelligent power management and built-in rechargeable lithium. This means you can keep going without having to constantly replace batteries or carry multiple devices. 

Lighting levels

High Mode: With a powerful output of 300 lumens, the high mode delivers intense illumination. It provides 60 minutes of high-intensity lighting. Additionally, using the 180 lumens setting conserves energy and extends the runtime to an impressive 1 hour and 60 minutes.

Medium Mode: Operating at 100 lumens, the medium mode offers a balance between brightness and energy efficiency. It provides a runtime of 90 minutes, making it an excellent choice for tasks and activities that require sustained illumination.

Low Mode: The low mode provides a gentle 10 lumens of light, ensuring energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination. It has a runtime of 12 hours, making it ideal for activities that require extended low-level lighting.

Moon Mode: Moon mode emits a soft and ambient 1.5 lumens of light. This gentle glow is perfect for preserving your night-acclimated vision and offers an incredible runtime of 30 hours.

Red Light (Constant On): In constant red light mode, the Oclip offers a subtle 4 lumens of illumination. This is ideal for maintaining night vision and reducing disruption in low-light conditions. It provides a runtime of 5 hours, ensuring you have reliable red lighting for various activities, from reading to night navigation.

These versatile lighting levels cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring that you always have the appropriate level of brightness and runtime for various situations. They are ideal for outdoor adventures, everyday tasks, and preserving your night vision in low-light environments.

What is in the box?

The Oclip Olight light package offers all the essential components needed for a seamless and complete lighting experience. Inside the package, you will find the Oclip light itself, featuring a rechargeable battery for convenient use.

Additionally, a USB-C charging cable is included, providing flexibility to recharge the light from various sources such as wall sockets, laptops, power banks, or car chargers. Lastly, a user manual is provided to assist you in exploring the features and operation of the Oclip, enabling you to make the most of this versatile lighting solution.

This comprehensive package ensures that you are fully equipped to effortlessly illuminate your adventures and tasks.

End words

The Oclip Olight is a versatile and convenient lighting solution that shines brightly in various settings. Perfect for outdoor exploration, nighttime adventures, or everyday lighting needs, the Oclip offers a range of lighting levels, including a gentle moonlight mode and red light for preserving night vision.

With its rechargeable battery, compact design, and durable clip, the Oclip is not only eco-friendly but also a reliable companion. Carry the Oclip in your pocket and embrace sustainability, innovation, and endless possibilities.

Last Updated on November 1, 2023

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