Obtaining a Luxembourg Dual Citizenship: Briefly Explained

Having dual citizenship has many benefits. What many people don’t know is that Luxembourg is one of the countries that offer you the chance to get its citizenship without having to give up on your own nationality. The new laws in Luxembourg do not only offer you the nationality, but it also gives you the chance to reclaim it in case it was lost or based on ancestry. Here are some things you need to know concerning the ability to obtain dual citizenship in Luxembourg.How you can get Luxembourg Dual Citizenship,who is eligible and what are the benefits of doing that.Learn about Luxembourg Dual Citizenship

Luxembourg Dual Citizenship

Things that concern eligibility

Not everyone is eligible for dual citizenship. To obtain the Luxembourg citizenship, there are criteria that you must fulfill. They are categorized into 3 types of candidates with different procedures:

Recovering an old Luxembourg citizenship

This procedure is known to be for pre-qualified candidates only. It applies to those who already signed up for citizenship before 31/12/2018. If anyone failed to submit their application before that, they wouldn’t be qualified or eligible to apply. In addition to that, you must travel to Luxembourg before December 2020 with the Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate that you supposedly received in your email. 

Acquiring a Luxembourg citizenship

The second procedure is for candidates with paternal lineage only. In other words, you must have a male ancestor who was born in Luxembourg before the year 1940. Bear in mind that your Luxembourg name should have been passed down from father to son in every generation up until your father, who is now passing it to you. Either that or you have a mother who was born in Luxembourg and gave birth to you after the 1st of January, 1969. 

Getting a Luxembourg citizenship by option

The third and last procedure is for a candidate whose parents or grandparents did not pass on citizenship. This mainly happens when a candidate is an adopted son or daughter. The citizenship is not passed on to them by their adoptive parents right away, and that is why they need to sign up for it later. The application will qualify you as eligible if you have the needed documents that prove your parents or grandparents are Luxembourg citizens. 

Luxembourg Dual Citizenship

Things that concern marriage and birth 

A Luxembourg citizenship can be obtained if one gets married to another citizen from Luxembourg. This happens in many countries around the world. Those individuals get to keep their own nationality and have  Luxembourg nationality at the same time. Moreover, if they give birth to children, the child gets citizenship as well, even if this child was born somewhere else around the world. 

Before you obtain dual citizenship, make sure you do your research and have a clear understanding of whether you’re eligible or not. Additionally, prepare your papers, documents, and anything else that you would need ahead of time. The new Luxembourg Nationality Law of October 2008 gives citizens the right to carry a dual nationality. In addition to that, there are no consequences whatsoever to the registration or renunciation of the original citizenship in Luxembourg.

Last Updated on February 5, 2022

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