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Oakland – Must See and Do’s

Oakland, known as the “Land of the Oaks,” is a bejeweled city in California that combines the mystery of rich history with various exciting and thrilling tourism options.Let us give you a tour of Oakland, so you don’t miss discovering the city’s different shades, which are far more fascinating than shady oaks.

As a popular tourist destination, Oakland never fails to disappoint the traveler and an explorer in you while allowing you to experience its diverse culture comprising traditional and modern art, fusion music, street food, one of its kind social events, nature trails, etc.


Lake Merrit

A perfect blend of nature and beauty, this 3.4 miles shoreline offers the best picnic spots with lip-smacking local cuisine, cultural events and is the ideal location to spend with family and friends. 

The lake is like a greenspace with artificial islands, exotic shores, a boating center, and 7 themed gardens, making it one of the most sought-after tourist locations. 

Cannabis Lounge 

Oakland takes the credit for being the first state in the USA to acknowledge the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and legalize its consumption. This resulted in the opening of the cannabis first entertainment hub, namely Root’d lounge and dispensary, offering the state of the art experience for on-site consumption of cannabis under the expert guidance of their professional team of consultants. 

The place offers multiple brands of superior quality cannabis with an option to choose from a wide variety of edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, etc.

Oakland Zoo

It is famous for its California trail via a gondola for an aerial view of all the wildlife, including different species of mammals, reptiles, and birds, which is more than 850 in number nestled inside the lush green flora and fauna with one of the biggest veterinary hospital inside its premises.

The zoo organizes an annual light event between Feb to March, showcasing life-sized animals through light displays and exhibiting brass insects displayed on the walkways that are popular among small children. 

 Children’s fairyland 

Spread across 10 acres of Greenland on the shore of Lake Merrit, this themed amusement park is a must-visit tourist attraction for kids and adults. With its fun rides, animals, and large playful structures, the fairyland offers the best-in-class experience for children of all ages.

The oldest operating puppet theater showcases best-in-class puppetry narrating folktales and fables from the fairy world. The park is also home to Aesop’s playhouse, an amphitheater promoting kids’ plays and drama with a seating capacity of more than 200 visitors.  

Amphitheater of roses  

Care to spend your day relishing the scenic beauty, and with a mesmerizing view of thousands of roses and a reflection pool, then the Morcom amphitheater is the spot to visit during a sunny, pleasant day.

Take a walk

The street walk of the downtown or the central city is a visual treat for any traveler in Oakland. They get to meet and interact with locals and experience the raw and local flavor while exploring its hidden spots.

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