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Diving in Oahu: The Most Impressive Dive Sites To Experience

Hawaii scuba diving is definitely an adventure and most people that want to visit will want to go scuba diving in Oahu. That is because of the great accommodations available and the fact that there are so many interesting opportunities present for divers of many different skill levels. Oahu has a truly wonderful list of available cascading reefs and over 600 tropical fish species. Everything is perfectly complemented with sunken shipwreck dives and even lava tube caves. Diving in Oahu is a must-do activity while in the area, especially for adventure lovers. Here is a list of the top places to go to.

Diving in Oahu - The Most Impressive Dive Sites To Experience

Best Oahu Diving Sites

While there are so many interesting options that are available for those that are interested in scuba diving in Oahu, those that are normally considered as being the best are the following:

Kahuna Canyon – Here you can see many rising walls that come straight from the depths of the ocean, offering a perfect descent into the Hawaiian underwater Grand Canyon.
Mahi – Considered by many as the number one shipwreck diving site available in Oahu, one that has to be visited by those interested in such an activity.
Sea Cove – A great scuba diving spot for those that are interested in seeing reef sharks. The option is present in Oahu’s south shore, quite close to Hanauma Bay, so they should be considered together.
Three Tables – You can find this close to Sharks Cove. The location is particularly popular, one of the most attractive for tourists on the North Shore. The name is given by 3 enormous flat rucks running right out of the water. You obviously have a great drop-off wall that you can experience.
Corsair Plane – Another wonderful wreck diving site, allowing you to visit a plane from World War 2.
Sharks Cove – A lava playground that is rocky and filled with much beautiful fish, not just sharks as the name would have you believe.

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If You Are Visiting Oahu For The First Time

Visiting Oahu for the first time is a delight for every single person that is interested in scuba diving. This is normally because of the great atmosphere present and the fact that people of all ages are finding wonderful diving sites that they enjoy. However, you do want to remember the fact that it is imperative to find a good scuba diving guide for your first visit. Many of the sites that you can dive at require you to be PADI licensed. If you are not, you need to go to an Oahu scuba diving class. Choose a school that is highly experienced and that has very good online reviews.

The last thing that we should mention about scuba diving in Oahu is that you absolutely have to be 100% sure that you are going to be safe. Safety is always important in scuba diving and some of the spots that you can visit in the region are quite dangerous. Because of this, make sure that you learn all that you can about diving in any part of Oahu. Do talk to the guides and respect everything that they say for that perfect diving experience.

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