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Tops Reasons to Go On a Bahamas Cruise This Summer

A lot of people go to the Bahamas to escape the snow, cold, and winter. However, yacht charter Bahamas are available all year round, so there should be nothing stopping yours from going in the summer. In fact, summer is probably the best time of years to go on vacation there.Amazing perks that you can get if you decide to go on a Bahamas cruise this upcoming summer season.Learn all about these travel tips.

Tops Reasons to Go On a Bahamas Cruise This Summer

In summer, particularly during the months of July and August, temperatures only reach the low 80s. There are calm waters, and the breeze is regular and mild. This makes it excellent yachting weather, far more so than in winter. You won’t feel muggy, and the breeze is lovely and refreshing, meaning you can chill out on the deck, take a dip in the clear blue waters, or engage in a bit of fishing.

Bahamas Cruise
Photo by: Trish hartmann

People tend to know that there is a lot to do in the waters around the Bahamas, but there’s lots to do on land as well. Take a little bit of time away from the water and actually go underground, enjoying the caves, for instance. There are even ‘blue holes’, which are vertical caves, that are truly unique. Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest in the world, reaching 663 feet. And, of course, the Bahamas is home to the Fountain of Youth, which is something everybody wants to enjoy. There are also great wildlife preserves, beautiful lighthouses, and more. The best thing is that summer is not the Bahamas’ main tourist season, which means you can really relax rather than being trapped among thousands of others.

During summer, there are lots of boats available for charter. You can get a small, single family yacht, a private motor yacht, a luxury mega yacht, a crewed catamaran, and more. Consider your budget, your needs, your abilities, and the number of people in your party to decide which one to go for.

You could hire a luxury yacht for business meetings, or go on a honeymoon abroad along the islands. Either way, option for a yacht charter is the perfect option. The crew on board will tell you exactly where to fish, which beaches are the most deserted, where you can go snorkeling, and where you should try eating. The food in the Bahamas is out of this world, to be enjoyed in beautiful restaurants, cute beach huts, or even on board your own yacht. You should be able to find a crew that includes a chef, who will be able to make you some authentic food from the Bahamas, obviously with a few cocktails alongside. The only thing you have to worry about is whether or not your tan is even!

Opting for a charter yacht gives you a fully customized service. You will be able to truly experience the Bahamas as they are meant to be. The tropical archipelago is one of the most beautiful in the world, home even to some uninhabited cays. The waters are full of beautiful coral and teeming with sea life. And don’t forget the endless miles of white sandy beaches.

Now that you have all of the information tell me, would you go on a Bahamas cruise?

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