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Nomadic Lifestyle – Here’s How You Can Do it in Europe

Do you dream of living the glamorous life of a nomadic traveler in Europe? This can be a fun and life-enhancing experience — giving you the chance to experience other cultures up close. The following five tips will help to make this dream a reality.Take a look at this blog post if you want to learn five tips on how to save to be able to afford travel to achieve Nomadic Lifestyle.

5 Tips to Live the Nomadic Lifestyle in Europe

Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy
Photo by: Giuseppe Milo

1. Research Hostels and Cheap Hotels
If you are looking to travel on a budget, you will want to find the best hotels in Europe that offer the best value. There are many hotels that offer great savings especially if you watch out for their bargains at a certain time. You might want to stay at hostels too. However, the main disadvantage of hostels is that you often have to bunk with many other backpackers, which can make it difficult to sleep. Some hostels, however, double as hotels and also offer private rooms.

2. Get a Train Pass
If you want to travel through as many countries as possible, a train pass is your best option. This will save you money, as well as allowing you to avoid the hassle of having to buy separate tickets every time you board. A good backpacker’s trick is to catch overnight trains. That way, you sleep on the train and don’t have to worry about accommodations for the night.

3. Eating Well on a Budget
One way to save money on food is to shop at grocery stores like locals and cook your own meals. You can do this if you’re staying at a hostel or at a hotel with a kitchenette. When you do want to sample some nice restaurants, try them at breakfast, brunch or lunch rather than dinner. You can usually get the very same dishes for less money earlier in the day.

4. Be Cautious With Your Valuables
While travelling through Europe is mostly safe, you do have to be careful about pickpockets and scam artists. Keep your money, passport and other smaller valuables in a money belt. Never keep your wallet or valuables in a back pocket. Be aware that people telling you stories or making pitches that require you to give them money are likely to be scam artists.

5. Pack Efficiently
As a backpacker, you will often be carrying around all of your stuff as you move from one location to another. It can get very uncomfortable to carry around a heavy or overloaded backpack for hours. That’s why you should pack as light as possible. When it comes to items such as shoes, jeans and t-shirts, don’t over pack. Also think carefully before packing heavy and bulky items such as hardcover books. When you purchase souvenirs, keep in mind you will have to be carrying them around for the remainder of your trip.

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