Nightlife In Malta: A Guide For Malta Clubbing And Bars

Nightlife in Malta, Cocktails

Nightlife In Malta

Malta is a pretty famous travel destination, full of luxury, beaches, sun and of course an outstanding nightlife. What can you expect of this island? A lot. Malta is the tourist destination of many public famous people. Also, a lot of movies are recorded there. If you sum all this together, you get one of the most amazing nightlife out there.

As we can read in the Malta Independent post, there is something like 1740 licensed establishments that can serve food and alcohol. That’s an amazing amount, not all of them are clubs and bars, of course, but I’m sure a good amount of that is!.

For many, many people, a good holiday is defined by good hotels in Malta and good nightlife. Malta is well known for both of them.

Where is the nightlife in Malta?

Usually, clubs and bars are located in particular places. And that’s easy and better for us when it comes to clubbing in Malta. The main areas are Buġibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay this is where most bars and a few clubs are. If you want some open-air nightclubs, you should go to the Outskirts of Rabat. And of course, we have Paceville, this one is the most famous and main hub for Malta’s nightlife.

Nightclubs in Malta

One of the favorites by many people is Havana Club and for many good reasons. The entrance is usually cover-free, you can go in as you please. It’s located in the center of Paceville at St. George’s Road, St. Julian’s. You can find, in The Havana Club, six bars and two big places to dance at.

It’s an indoor club and one of the biggest clubs on the island. It’s one of the best places for clubbing in Malta, it’s in the center of the city and surrounded by clubs and bars. I’m sure you will get a nice night there.

Bars in Malta

I know clubs aren’t for everyone, many of you prefer a bar, drinks, chat and some casual dance. Well, bars in Malta are so diverse, there’s one bar or pub in Malta for every kind of person.

One of the all-time favorites by many is The Thirsty Barber in Malta’s Ball Street. It’s gaining a lot of attention lately, has plenty of good reviews on google. The presentation of the cocktail, the local ambiance, everything is going to make you feel good at The Thirsty Barber.

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

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