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Nightlife in Amsterdam: Things You Cannot Miss Out

Amsterdam is a beautiful capital city of the Netherlands and is famous for its rich history, and artistic and cultural heritage. You can roam around the city and seek pleasure by admiring the historic buildings, and museums and can vibe in the serene ambiance of the city.

But Amsterdam adventure does not cease with the day, it carries you along through the night by offering you an equally rich and vibrant nightlife in Amsterdam

1. Amsterdam Light Festival 2022

Amsterdam blooms into a fairy tale with the arrival of winter as one of the best destinations, as the city sets into the mode of celebration of light. There are a number of famous Amsterdam Light Festivals that take place across the city, which makes the city more cozy and vibrant.

The city is witness to an energetic annual festival of some of the world’s finest contemporary art with an amalgamation of its rich heritage. So, book yourself the Amsterdam light festival tickets and be a part of the rich cultural festivities.

2. Indulgence in Heineken Beer Brewery

If you like to spend your night enjoying a beer with friends, Amsterdam has a historic place to offer you your beer. You are welcome to grab a beer at the Heineken museum, set up at the place where the beer was brewed for the first time. 

The Heineken brewery was set up in Amsterdam in 1867. It operated in the heart of the city until 1988. However, it was reopened in the form of a museum in 2001, drawing beer lovers from across the city and all over the world. You can indulge in the Heineken experience by knowing about the brand, brewed beer, serving style, etc.

3. Exploring the Evening Canal Cruise

What is better than experiencing and admiring the Canal district while being on a cruise? Cruising through the 17th-century canal at night and marveling at historic areas like merchant homes, and bridges will leave you wanting to learn about the city’s culture and heritage.

4. A night at the Icebar

Amsterdam Icebar is literal to its name, offering you everything made of natural ice. It is one of the intriguing bar concepts in the city. Amsterdam Icebar has a whole interior bar which includes, the furniture, and the serving glasses all made of natural ice.

Yes, you heard that right. You will need to wear winter clothes, wear a warm jacket and hand gloves and enjoy the one of its kind experience by spending a chill night at a bar made of 35 tons of ice maintained at -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit). Hanging out with friends at the frozen bar in a warm winter while experimenting with varied cocktails is an unmissable part of Amsterdam’s nightlife. 


While, here we have enlisted a few activities that should make it to the must-to-do list while planning your itinerary, but here are a few more suggestions if you want to explore more and have some more time in hand. You can visit the Nxt Digital Art Museum in Amsterdam which allows you to absorb yourself mentally, and physically in audiovisual artworks through 10 different immersive art installations. It is a unique amalgamation of artistic, scientific and architectural wonder and will leave you in awe.

Another place that can grab your attention is the Red Light District locally known as the De Wallen and one of the popular tourist destinations. You can stroll through red-lit windows at night and learn about the Erotic Museum and Red Light Secrets Museum. Have a great time exploring the city which offers you one of the best nightlife.  

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