Night Rider – Taking in the Sights of Antigua, Guatemala on a Bike

night rider, antigua guatemala, biking with kids

Whenever we travel anywhere in the world one of the most important things we do is hop on a bike and check out the place.

We have done this from Spain to Biking in Vermont to Florida and so much more. And trust me, it never gets old. As a matter of fact, it has become a staple of our travels.

So when our local bike shop – Monkey Bike Shop – in Antigua, Guatemala organized a night ride, we were on it.

Ok, maybe just my kids, since my husband had a biking accident and can’t ride. And my bike isn’t made for Antigua streets. So we joined in by hopping on the pick up that followed the night riders.

date night, night rider, antigua guatemala

And it was almost as much fun as the actual ride.

Night Rider Bike Tour of Antigua Guatemala

night rider, antigua guatemala tour, visiting antigua, riding bikes with kids

The wind blowing on your face, while watching my kids and our friends take to the cobblestones streets was truly amazing on every level.

The ride took us from Antigua center, to the outskirts of it and ended by Antigua Central Park at a restaurant.

The ride was over ten miles long and really well organized.

night bike tour, antigua guatemala, night riders

Besides the pick up if anyone got a flat tire or got too tired, they had two guys on scooters directing traffic so that we would all be together without any crazy drivers cutting us off. Which is a very high possibility if not monitored properly.

night rider bike tour, bikes on a pick up

And the best part of it all – it was FREE!

That’s right, check out the Monkey Bike Shop Facebook when coming to Antigua, to join in on the next ride.

We usually pay $25 per person for these types of adventures when traveling.

Last Updated on July 18, 2023

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