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Nicaragua Traditional Food – Find It On the Streets

You can hit all the restaurants you want while in Nicaragua, but the real Nicaragua traditional food finds are on the streets.

In every city, town, and village, the street vendors come out to sell what they can. Usually, Nicaraguan food is delicious.

However, there will be times when just finding out what they are selling is the challenge.

After a lot of back and forth with the owners, we realized they were selling HOT DOGS!

Hot Dog Stand in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Traditional Food – Where to Find It


5 thoughts on “Nicaragua Traditional Food – Find It On the Streets

  1. I guess this thinkg with traditional food sold on the streets is something specific to many parts of the world. Sometimes it is a matter of trust and adventure – eating from the street – though 🙂

  2. The problem of finding out what they are selling remembers me of Thailand. Every time I asked somebody about the ingredients of a certain meal they always answered: “don’t worry, just eat.” Aaaalright.

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