NFL Stadium Road Trip for American Super Fans

Natural wonders aren’t the only attractions the United States has to offer, while interesting rural detours abound, major cities provide exciting stopovers for a night or two. For the basketball, baseball, or American football sports fan in the passenger seat, metropolises are also the perfect place to catch a game before moving on. In this case, for all super fans, I have gathered a list of the best NFL stadium road trip!

The continental United States isn’t short on offerings for road trip enthusiasts. Not only does the country have a diverse range of national parks from seaside dunes to mountainous peaks, but there are tried-and-true routes for any type of caravan moving from coast to coast. 

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NFL Stadium Road Trip

For the diehard football fan, it’s entirely possible to do a stadium-only tour of the US that incorporates all of the NFL’s 32 teams. For anyone looking to incorporate or structure their road trip based on top NFL stadium experiences, we’ve highlighted the best from each region.

NFL Stadium Road Trip

Midwest – Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City, Missouri

Despite being over fifty years old, Arrowhead Stadium still delivers an unforgettable fan experience. In addition to fan hospitality and a passionate tailgating community, Arrowhead Stadium is home to a championship-winning franchise. 

At the moment, sites that offer NFL betting odds on season games focus on the Chiefs to advance to the playoffs with the potential of taking another Super Bowl championship title. Those looking to incorporate an NFL stadium into their road trip may want to prioritize Arrowhead Stadium — it’s still buzzing from the momentum of last year’s win.

West Coast – Seattle Seahawks

Seattle, Washington

Back in 2014, the NFL designed a 2014 ultimate road trip based on projections for the season. At the time, the Seattle Seahawks were coming off their 2013 Super Bowl win much like the Chiefs are doing this season. Six years down the line, the Seahawks are still a major contender in the NFL that gives football fans an exhilarating experience.

Their stadium experience reflects this high standard of play. In fact, Lumen Field (recently changed from CenturyLink) is notorious for its 12th Man, which is a colloquial explanation for the deafening noise fans are capable of making. The passionate cheers are enough to make it seem like the Seahawks have a twelfth man on the field — though you’ll have to hear it for yourself to believe it.

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Caption: Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Caption: Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

East Coast – Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Since the Heinz Stadium went live in 2001, the Pittsburgh Steelers have sold out every single game. Much like the Cowboys (listed below) and the Seahawks, the Steelers deliver on a high-quality stadium experience and an unforgettable crowd of screaming fans.

And, much like the Arrowhead experience, Heinz Stadium is fit to accommodate a legion of tailgaters looking to add some extra time to their NFL experience. A combination of atmosphere, diehard fandom, and a great team makes the Steelers a strong stopover for the east coast despite sharing territory with other major franchises like the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Unlike other locations on this list, Heinz Stadium is also close to other attractions in downtown Pittsburgh, which adds an element of sightseeing that fits well into any road trip scheme.

South – Dallas Cowboys

Dallas, Texas

According to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys are the most lucrative sports franchise in the world as of 2020. It should come as no surprise that the team’s AT&T Stadium delivers on a seamless fan experience that sees them ranked number one in NFL stadium lists. From seating to concessions to the quality of the team itself, the Cowboys can’t be missed on a southern stopover.

One major attraction to AT&T Stadium is its organization. Despite hosting a legion of Cowboys super fans, the stands are also fit to welcome thousands of rival fans from competing teams. Anyone who stops over will be treated to southern hospitality that extends to some 105,000 spectators that can pack in. For those looking for extra fun, don’t miss out on the stadium’s ‘Party Pass’ open areas near each end zone. It also helps that there are plenty of fun things to do around Dallas during your time there. 

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