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The New York Pass Discounts: Doing NYC On a Budget

Traveling to New York City! Even though I grew up in New York, I never actually planned a trip there until this past year. My family of four was going to be real NYC tourists and I couldn’t wait. However, I too had those feelings pop up. I know how expensive it can be. And I also know that there is simply too much to do, it can get really expensive. At least until I found the New York Pass and here’s my full review and experience

New York Pass Discounts
Freedom Tower Manhattan Downtown

Just hearing those words brings up mixed feelings instantly:

1. How can I ever afford to take my family there and not go broke

2. How do I know what to see and do in NYC

3. Will I have time to see all there is to see and do in NYC

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New York Pass

Times square nyc at night
Times Square

Gratefully, when you’re with kids you’re instantly focused only on what to do with them, cutting out quite a bit of the adult stuff like staying out too late and walking tours, amongst other things.

That still didn’t soothe my worrying about affording all the attractions I wanted to visit.

So what’s a mama to do? Get online and figure out how to do NYC on a budget!

That’s how I found New York Pass.  

new york pass discounts
NY Pass – Key to the City

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How to Get the Best of New York Pass  

1. The Card – The pass is more like a smart card, or credit card, which gives you free entries and discounts all across the five boroughs after you pay an extremely affordable price. You simply give it to the teller and swipe it in their machine.

2. Attractions – It offers over 80 different attractions, but you pay one price and get to explore as many of them as you want. Plus, you get a handy booklet that fits into your pocket and is also as a guidebook with a map of all the five boroughs and the subway system.

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visiting American museum of natural history
Dinosaurs at AMNH

3. Fast Pass capabilities – this is very similar to what Disney does. The way it works is if you have the fast pass icon next to the attraction on your list in your booklet, you can cut the line and simply walk right in and your entrance is already paid for as well!

4. Discounts – The more days you buy, the larger the discounts become, until you are literally saving over $550 per person on attractions and even Broadway shows and restaurants.

My Take on It

Brilliant – that’s how to sum it up.

I can’t even imagine going to the City without one of these in hand. It’s like a key to the city! What did people do before this nifty card?

One thing, I was quite sad we weren’t there long enough to fully take advantage of ALL the activities and attractions that New York Pass offers.

Find out the best option for you with the New York Pass

I can start listing all the attractions and options that they offer, but I personally think it’s best if you visit their site directly. Here you can see a video on how it works and what you feel most comfortable buying.

Now you can visit NYC, without breaking the bank!

New York Pass Discounts – See New York on a Budget


3 thoughts on “The New York Pass Discounts: Doing NYC On a Budget

  1. Make sure to reserve. We did the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island the first day and it took us 45 minutes to be able to board because the app only gave us one QR code instead of 2… very frustrating when you’ve been waiting in line. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis island will take you a full day because of the long lines to get on and offs the islands. Empire State Building and top of the rock can be done the same day. I would suggest Viator to have more explanation on the different places they offer.

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