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Things to Do in New York – 5 Kid Friendly Activities to Try in the Big Apple

New York. It’s a destination on so many bucket lists. Whether you’re romantically drawn to it thanks to all the movies you saw as a kid, you’re desperate to try the food you’ve heard so much about, you want to see a show on Broadway or you’re desperate to just feel and experience the city that never sleeps. But did you know that there are a ton of things to do in New York for families with children?Five things to do in New York for all of those looking for the perfect family vacation in the Big Apple.Learn about things to do in New York.

Things to Do in New York

It’s true. Here I’ve rounded up 5 of the best kid-friendly activities you can try in New York. And remember if you’re planning a summer break, you need to make sure you and your family are protected from the sun. That includes sun hats, sun cream and of course sunglasses – you can find out more about stylish sunglasses that will protect your eyes and preserve you vision by clicking the link.

Things to Do in New York – 5 Kid-Friendly Activities 

Grand Central Station

It seems that you find something iconic around every corner in NYC and Grand Central Station is no different! Over 750,000 people walk through its doors in a single day, it’s huge grand architectural prowess will certainly leave the kids speechless and there’s the opportunity to take plenty of stunning pictures that you’ll treasure forever.

Visit the High Line

This incredible feat of imagination and engineering will certainly get your little ones attention. This abandoned rail track has been transformed into 20 blocks worth of car and bike free walking and strolling. Ideal for an afternoon in the sunshine where you don’t have to worry about traffic! There’s plenty of seating and even better views of the surrounding districts. Not only that, but you’ll find plenty of family festivals, entertainment acts and family fun atop the line.

The Rose Center for Earth and Space

You’re probably familiar with the incredible displays at them Museum of Natural History, but did you know that this wonderful museum is also home to the Rose Center for Earth and Space? Ideal if you have a little one that’s curious about space! This glass enclosure houses a beautiful 87 foot diameter display of Hayden’s Sphere as well as the opportunity to discover all 13 billion years of history that the universe has to offer. As well as exhibitions about the planets, stars and galaxies beyond our own. And as the Museum works closely with NASA, everything is kept up to date and fresh for visitors young and old alike.

The Statue of Liberty

Is there anything more iconic than the sight of Lady Liberty? Not only can you visit the monument and discover its history, but a visit to its historic grounds is also worth your time.

Broadway for kids

What could be better for your little New Yorker than a show on Broadway? Your little ones will be completely immersed in the story, songs and performances as soon as the lights go down and the curtain goes up. There are shows to suit everyone, so head online and get yourselves a family ticket!

What are your favorite kid-friendly things to do in New York?

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