6 Places to Visit in New York City for Book Lovers

New York City has long been a haven for lovers of literature. From its grand libraries to giving rise to some of the most enduring bookstore venues in the world, such as Barnes and Noble, the city continues to house both large publishing companies and small indie bookstores alike. If you love to read, collect books, or simply have a love of words, check out these stops below on the ultimate guide to a bookish day trip in New York City. Six of the best places to visit in New York City for book lovers.

New York City Day Trip

Places to Visit in New York City for Book Lovers

Astoria Bookshop

This bookstore, which is located near Broadway and 31st Avenue in Queens, specializes in new releases and special literary events. Creative writing workshops, storytime classes for children, and young adult book clubs are all available. Make time to drop in for a book signing or simply to browse the large collection housed here. The Astoria Bookshop is open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Here are some great top fiction and nonfiction book recommendations.

The Morgan Library and Museum

You can find this majestic place on Madison Avenue, close to Grand Central Station. From literary workshops to guided tours and galleries, you can spend hours getting lost in the rich history of the archives stored here. After you complete a tour, take a few moments to browse in the shops or have a bite to eat in one of the two restaurants housed inside the building. Hours vary daily and while you must buy an admission ticket for the tours, some areas of the museum and library are always free to visit. If you are visiting the city and staying at Location: Westgate New York Grand Central, making this stop should be a simple way to start your tour.

Poets House

If you love poetry, then this is a must-stop locale on a literary day tour of the city. Located near the Battery Park area of the city at 10 River Terrace, this place is a mecca for poets and admirers of the genre. It features a library and reading room, special poem-focused events, and a room for young readers. Audio and video archives are available as well, so stop in and find collections from your favorite poet or find a new author to enjoy. The Poets House is free to all visitors.

Greenlight Bookstore

This bookstore has two locations in Brooklyn and includes a large variety of literary genres and formats, including e-books on its website. Browse for books both new and old and buy specialty merchandise, such as tee shirts and bookbags. Greenlight hosts a wide variety of events, including book clubs, readings, and author signings. The bookstore is owned independently and many who live in the neighborhood treasure it for its unique vibe.

The Strand Bookstore

If you are looking for a bookstore to get lost in for an entire day, then visiting The Strand is a must. Located at 12th Street and Broadway in Manhattan’s East Village, this locale features more than three floors of books, including a rare book room that is a feast for the eyes of any book lover. On other floors, you can browse for books both new and used, buy writing materials like Moleskine notebooks and pens, and check out a selection of pop culture merchandise as well. When the weather is agreeable, The Strand wheels carts of bargain books onto the sidewalk to increase your browsing options, and many used books are priced $5.00 and under. If you are staying in a hotel in midtown east, then a visit to this unique New York City bookstore is not to be missed.

The New York Public Library

No literary day trip in NYC is complete without a stop at the iconic New York Public Library. It can be recognized easily at its 42nd Street and 5th Ave location by the Patience and Fortitude lion statues at the south entrance of the building. Once inside, you can spend hours perusing the stacks, delving into photo and article archives, and marveling at the vast reading rooms. The library also hosts special events, such as photo exhibitions and live appearances by well-known authors. The main building’s hours may vary, so you may want to contact their website before you plan your visit.

Whether you are fascinated with the literary history of New York City, hunting for that book you have always wanted to own, or simply love to read, an NYC booklover’s tour is a must.

Last Updated on January 28, 2023

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