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Our New Climbing Spot – QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son)

Our New Spot - QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

QuboAntigua, a new indoor climbing gym that opened just one week ago is our new never-want-to-leave-place. It’s a bouldering gym that is awesome and not huge.

They also double as a restaurant and they make the most tastiest pizza. What we love most about it is the great community at that gym and it’s fun to go to even if you are not climbing. Upstairs they have a cozy lounge area to chill out, eat and stretch.

Our New Spot - QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

The gym has many fun things that other gyms don’t have like the lounge area or the food.

One of my favorite things is that the walls don’t have texture like most gyms. I know that most people like the walls having a texture because it can help you. But personally I don’t like it because it can scratch your body and your climbing shoes get used really fast.

The holds are from kilter. They have very good and unique holds, but my favorite ones are the slopers.

Our New Spot - QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

It has a tension board that is really fun to use with your friends.

It is just a simple training wall angled at 20 degrees. There are different types of holds on the tension board like slopers, pinches, jugs and crimps. Kind of what you can find on the wall like any other wall, but below every hold there is a LED light that shows the problem to follow and solve. It lights the starting holds and then the holds you need to use and then the top hold.

Our New Spot - QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

The way you light the holds on the wall is with the tension board app. When you open the app there a bunch of problems to choose from. The best part is that you can make your own problems as well.

Our New Spot - QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

Come and hang out with us at our new spot. Even if you aren’t a hardcore climber, it’s such a great environment, fun and good for you.

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Our New Climbing Spot - QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

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