New Jersey: 5 Best Restaurants To Visit

New Jersey: 5 Best Restaurants To Visit
New Jersey has everything everything from local joints offering amazing authentic food at a very affordable price to fine dining restaurants

New York City sees millions of international visitors annually. However, many people don’t make the short trip to New Jersey to take advantage of all the amazing things this neighboring state offers.

New Jersey has diverse cultures, interesting history, and some of the best spots to eat on the United States East Coast.

You can find everything from local joints offering amazing authentic food at a very affordable price to fine dining restaurants regarded as some of the country’s top establishments. This article will review the five best restaurants you should consider visiting in New Jersey.

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First up on this list is the Italian restaurant Zeppoli, located in Collingswood, one of the best places to eat in New Jersey for those looking to experience authentic Sicilian dishes.

New Jersey is home to many Italian-American restaurants, so for Zeppoli to stand out amongst all the other spots offering this kind of food, you can count on them to provide an exceptional dining experience.

Joey Baldino is the head chef at Zeppoli and has created a unique menu loved by many in the area. He makes all his dishes in the restaurant in his open kitchen so guests can watch him work his magic.

Zeppoli offers guests classic Italian dishes such as spaghetti alle vongole and Sicilian dishes such as stewed rabbit seasoned with rosemary and oregano or the popular panzanella with anchovies from Sicily.

The restaurant seats just 35 guests, creating a warm and intimate dining experience; however, this also means that you should consider booking in advance if you want to secure a seat at this trendy restaurant.

The Red Store

Up next on this list is The Red Store, located in Cape May Point, an exceptional establishment offering guests a personalized dining experience. During the day, The Red Store functions as a general store and a fantastic spot for brunch with dishes inspired by the head chef, Lucas Manteca’s Argentinean roots. 

However, when the sun goes down, The Red Store transforms into a fantastic restaurant adored by many. Manteca has expertly crafted the menu as he takes guests on a journey through the different courses he has chosen to offer guests.

If you want somewhere to experience unique and innovative dishes and happen to visit Cape May Point in New Jersey consider visiting The Red Store. 

Pancho’s Mexican Taqueria

Pancho’s Mexican Taqueria is located in Atlantic City, which is a fantastic spot for those looking to try authentic Mexican cuisine. Here, you will find almost every popular dish from Mexico and some more unique things, such as beef tongue.

This restaurant doesn’t have much space for guests; however, this helps add to the cozy atmosphere as people share conversation and enjoy fantastic food.

This also means that if you want to make sure that you get to experience Pancho’s Mexican Taqueria’s top-class offerings, book well in advance so that you aren’t left disappointed on your trip to New Jersey.

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Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace offers authentic Japanese cuisine in New Jersey

If you are in the mood for some Japanese cuisine during your stay in New Jersey, consider heading to Edgewater and visiting Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Although this market is technically a chain, it is the only one on the East Coast of America. It offers authentic Japanese cuisine from Spam Onigiri to Omusubi Gonbei for visitors to experience.

Once you have filled up on a range of fantastic and unique Japanese dishes, don’t forget to leave some room for Matcha flavored ice cream. 

Razza Pizza Artigianale

This list would not be complete without including a Pizza joint, so the last restaurant is Razza Pizza Artigianale, located in Jersey City. If you ask someone in New Jersey where the best pizza place is, you will likely get many different answers.

However, Razza Pizza Artigianale is high on many local lists. Dan Richer owns the well-respected pizza joint and has earned several nominations for the James Beard Award.

In addition to this, Razza Pizza Artigianale was named by 50 Best as the top establishment in all of North America for pizza in 2019, as well as being given a 3-star review by the New York Times in 2017. If you visit this restaurant, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the pizza here. 

Explore New Jersey Now

New Jersey is so much more than just New York City’s neighbor.

This state is much more than just New York City’s neighbor and has a huge amount to offer visitors. The vast range of cuisine and different styles of restaurants in New Jersey is a big enough reason to take a trip to this unique state alone.

If you find yourself here, consider booking a reservation at some of the restaurants mentioned above; you will not regret it.

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Last Updated on November 16, 2023

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