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What You Need to Know Before Shooting Your Journey with a Drone

So, you’re planning a vacation. My guess is that you already noticed the expansion that drones now experience. While prices go lower, and sizes go smaller, they also become more popular among travelers. Drones can capture some impressive images which show your trip through different perspectives. The best drone camera can help you take a footage you might even participate within documentary contests.My recommendations for taking video or photos using your new drone while you travel.Take a look at shooting your journey by best drone.

Shooting Your Journey with a Drone

Meanwhile, you might hear or read about local and international regulations which might scare away the thought of traveling with a drone – especially by plane.

Therefore, traveling with a drone can be so complicated you might turn to the old selfie stick. This article aims to clear out the questions you might have about taking a drone with you to the next journey.

How to Find the Best Drone for GoPro

There are drones for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. You can buy drones with integrated gadgets or models which support GoPro or photography cameras. From this stage on, it comes down to technical specs you should decipher. In such a stage, it’s best to turn to user and specialist reviews such as this article where you can read more about GoPro drones.

According to Today Best Drone, the most balanced and versatile product you can get right now is GoPro Karma. Although it costs around $1,000, the drone can take some impressive frames. The product is also compatible with all the latest GoPro HERO cameras.

Learning Your Drone

Using a drone involves a learning process which saves you the money you’d spend for repairs – if you’re lucky. Drones are flying gadgets which you control from the remote. They are sensitive to wind and exposed to crashes. So, you might be resilient at taking the risk to put the drone into your luggage after unboxing it. Here are some tricks you can use to learn how to operate your drone.

Shooting Your Journey with a Drone

  • Download a drone simulator. Simulators are software programs that help you see on your computer or laptop how a flying gadget reacts to controls. We recommend you play with the simulator for around two weeks before operating your drone. You can even find an online drone racing software to see how you react to other users.
  • Ask a friend to teach you how to maneuver an indoor quad copter. Such mini-drones are easy to use and can help you learn the options of your medium-sized drone easier.
  • Read the manual. You might do this anyway. However, you will notice some helpful features, such as return-to-home (if the drone gets too far from the remote) or the possibility to react based on your body position instead of where the remote is pointing at.
  • Take your drone out. Make sure you keep it away from trees or rocks. Try to lift your drone for a few minutes and see how it reacts to the controls. Take as many tests as you prefer.

Travel and Drone Rules

  • National legislation: Before you begin flying your drone, you should get a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) pilot certification. Also, you will need to register the drone with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).
  • Guidelines: TSA doesn’t forbid passing drones through the checkpoint. However, you should check with airlines as some have restrictions. Some airlines regulate traveling with lithium polymer batteries, as they make a legitimate fire risk.
  • Local regulations: Most countries usually allow the use of drones. European countries also have regulations that resemble state-level US rules. However, there are countries where you cannot fly a drone in most of the spaces. Due to military controls, China only allows drones in a few areas.
  • Unwritten social rules regarding drone usage refer to people’s privacy. Don’t fly the drone over groups of people or get too close to strangers. Don’t fly the drone over public properties, and don’t maneuver the gadget over private properties without the owner’s explicit consent.
  • Drone protection is necessary during a flight. It’s advisable to place the drone in your carry-on bags, as most airlines don’t take responsibilities in case of stealth. You will also need a good drone back to protect it. Use a hard-shell bag which contains a dedicated case.

Tips for Shooting Your Journey with your GoPro drone

You may have planned your summer vacation for an impressive destination with beaches and resorts. However, there are some things you should know for your vacation film. You can even make a flight plan using a smartphone app to control the drone’s movement.

Take note of the best time to shoot. Usually, the light is unhelpful at noon, when the sun is straight up. Specialists often mention the golden hour – one hour before sunrise and sunset. That’s when all the colorful lights come to life.

Mind the locals and the habitat. Beaches usually imply many birds. They might not be used to having drones nearby and even accidentally crash by it. Make sure you have full control of the drone and keep it away from flocks of birds. Locals also care for their privacy, so you shouldn’t shoot near them.

Carry an extra set of propellers and some repair tools, in case you damage the drone by accident. Basic repair tools such as duct tape and a small screwdriver tools are usually small, so they fit quite well in your luggage.

Finally, remember that your vacation is about relaxation, fun and bonding with your loved ones. Take some extra time to fly the drone just to get used to the setup and enjoy the experience. Don’t calculate each footage or let technology stop you from enjoying the amazing view. Limit your time for footage to have more time for yourself.

The Best Memories are on Video

Do you remember when you were a child and your mom used to play video tapes with you? It’s time to take family memories to the next level and create pieces of visual artwork from each vacation. Find the best drone for GoPro cameras and explore your destination through the eyes of a futuristic flying gadget. You will have stories to tell and some impressive video stories that speak for themselves!

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