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Need Autumn Getaway? Go on a Poland Tour

Autumn is commonly considered to be not a very happy time of the year, which is often related to the longing for the passing summer. However, this is a statement reserved only for people who have never been to Poland at this time of the year. Here, autumn is a time of extraordinary colors and fragrances permeating the senses. So there’s nothing left for you to do but pack your luggage, call the Polish travel agency, or book your flight yourself and go.If you are thinking about visiting Europe for autumn you need to pick a Poland Tour out of this list. There are all amazing.

If you have a lot of time to spend, it is worth going to a whole Poland tour. For shorter stays, you should pay attention mainly to the three regions that stand out the most during autumn.

Poland Tour

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Poland Tour Recommendations for Autumn

Seaside region during Autumn

Polish seaside landscapes in the autumn are truly spectacular. The sun goes down a bit earlier than in summer, and the cloudiness is slightly increased, but that’s what makes the landscapes look phenomenal. Despite the wind, the weather is favorable for taking long walks and the absorption of healthy sea air. If you are an active person, you should go on a bicycle trip along the coastal promenades and forest paths. Listen to the sound of the sea and the sound of the wind, and look for wild animals that appear more often at this time of the year.

Spending time in slightly larger seaside towns, not only can you admire the charms of nature, but also, due to the well-developed gastronomic and service base, enjoy numerous restaurants, pubs and other entertainment.

Poland tour to Warmia and Masuria region

Poland Tour

When visiting Warmia and Masuria in autumn, tourists can count on a wide range of activities that they will be able to take advantage of. Early autumn is still a good time for sailing, and the region is well-known for this activity. Countless lakes and inlets mean that you can spend a long time on the water.

Obviously, there is also a full range of attractions for people who want to admire Warmia and Masuria from the shore as well. They can go for walks and mushroom picking in the colorful forests. Spending time on the shore of the lake fishing (or just contemplating this very relaxing activity) and bicycle trips are also popular in these parts of Poland. In larger cities such as Giżycko, you can also go on a short cruise on the lake.

Warmia and Masuria is a region where you can find many atmospheric and beautifully situated accommodation with an interesting design, where even the mere stay is highly satisfying. Just have a look at the website and  find out more here.

 Autumn in the Bieszczady Mountains

Poland Tour

The Bieszczady are a mountain range in the area of ​​the northern Carpathians. This region is well-known for its natural diversity, mild climate and the absence of mass tourism. Tourists can find hundreds of species of plants and animals here, including primeval beech forests that create amazing views, especially during the atumn. What is more, the Bieszczady is an area less penetrated by mass tourism, so individual tourists and most of Polish travel agencies prefer to organize trips in smaller, more intimate groups.

Although longer tourist routes require quite a good condition from a walker, the Bieszczady routes, full of interesting attractions, are usually not very demanding. One of the attractions here is the entrance to Krzemienic – the border of three countries: Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. It is also worth to mention that the region is also a part of cultural wealth, because it is the meeting point of Roman Catholic Christianity Church and the Orthodox Church, and you can find many traces of these connections right there.

Due to the aforementioned lack of mass arrivals, the tourist base is rather geared towards individual tourists and small groups. There are a lot of guesthouses and lodgings here, as well as campsites or apartments, so it should be easy for everyone to plan their Poland tour here.

Polish big city parks in autumn time

Need Autumn Getaway

To find the beauty of autumn in Poland, you don’t necessarily have to go to its ends leaving big cities. Most of the urban centers in Poland can boast about a multitude of parks and green areas, which in autumn become colorful, magical places and are a real treat for tourists. A few examples of Polish big city parks worth seeing may be:

* Łazienki Park (Royal Baths) in Warsaw

Łazienki is one of the oldest municipal gardens in Poland. There are various attractions within its borders, such as themed gardens (including Royal Garden, Romantic Garden, Modernist Garden, Chinese Garden), numerous monuments, sculptures, architectural objects as well as ponds and fountains. It all looks truly phenomenal surrounded by the autumn aura.

* Myślęcinek  in Bydgoszcz

Myślęcinek is the largest city park in Poland. The complex, situated on the area of over 800 hectares, includes forests, meadows, educational ecological center and bicycle and roller paths. In Myślęcinek Park, there is also a zoo with the fauna of Poland and other places, a botanical garden (especially charming in the atumn), as well as an amusement park and a horse recreation center.

* Planty in Krakow

Krakow is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Every year, crowds of tourists visit this city to experience its charms and atmosphere which is simply one of a kind. Autumn is a great time to appreciate the city’s values (both architectural and cultural, as well as natural), especially since there is fewer tourists here than in summer.

The Planty Park is the area surrounding Krakow’s Old Town, so every tourist will almost certainly find it sooner or later. Here, one have a chance to admire not only the beauty of autumn nature, but also the craftsmanship of artists and architects who exerted a huge role in creating the unusual atmosphere of Krakow.

Time for your Poland tour is now!

As you can see, autumn in Poland can be a remarkable experience, during which you can go to many places and discover the beauty in each of them. Whether it is a trip organized by a Polish Travel Agency or an individual trip, this is a good time to visit this Central European country, because it will surely impress you with a variety of its colors and leave you with great memories.

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