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Easy Way to Avoid Sunburn Naturally while Traveling

Once my kids hit the water, there is no getting them out of there. And usually it is in the scorching sun. My lame attempts at putting on sunscreen basically wear off instantly as they splash around and play hard core in the water.

My goal is also to only buy non toxic, naturally safe, waterproof sunscreen. This makes it a bit difficult to find just the right one.

Somehow I stumbled upon All Terrain. This company aims to allow people to live in a healthier way by selling natural products that include soaps, sunscreens and bug repellents. However, they specialize in sunscreens for long periods of water time. Just what I need. One particular products that I ordered was AquaSport SPF30 Sunscreen Spray. It is a natural sunscreen that can resist more than one hour in contact with water.

Natural Sunscreen

My Take on It:

We got to test it out while visiting Florida. My kids spent hours in the water. And in between their need for bathrooms or food, all I did was spray this on and it went right into the skin.

As with creams, there was no residue, no stickiness.

I love that it is a spray. It’s so easy to do a few quick squirts without the kids even coming to a complete stop.

Contact and Information for All Terrain

My recommendation is to go directly to their site to buy. They have new products coming out all the time, and great sales. However, if you’re a shopper and like to make an experience of it. They have tons of products in stores all over the US.

Find more information by liking them in Facebook or following them on Twitter.

Natural Sunscreen for Healthy Skin


3 thoughts on “Easy Way to Avoid Sunburn Naturally while Traveling

  1. Great tip. Unfortunately for now I don’t need it. It’s winter here and I am happy for every bit of sunshine.

  2. I will look out for this for sure. I am the same as your kids lol. So I put on my sunblock before I leave the house!

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