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Natural Hot Springs in Guatemala

Active volcanoes in Guatemala never cease to stop amazing their visitors. They offer fun adventures for all kinds of travelers. In fact, did you know that Guatemala is home to 37 volcanoes? With six of them being active. This also provides many opportunities for the many rivers that pass near them to naturally heat up. That’s how you get at least 5 places where you can swim in hot springs in Guatemala.

This invigorating natural activity is not only a lot of fun for all ages, but it is said to also be beneficial for health. These health benefits are courtesy of the many minerals that the water picks up when it gets in contact with hot gases. Some of those benefits are better blood circulation, pain relief, reduced stress and, rejuvenate skin.

You might randomly find hot springs baths, but the most popular and easy to find are in five of the top touristic areas of the country. Keep reading to learn where to go.

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Where to find Natural Hot Springs in Guatemala?

1. Fuentes Georginas, Quetzaltenango

Fuentes Georginas is a large compound with bungalows, a restaurant, and three pools filled with naturally heated hot springs. They are located near Quetzaltenango in Guatemala and there are many shuttles being offered from the city to the pools.

They are hidden at the foothills of the stunning Zunil and Santo Tomas Volcanoes. So be sure to ask about the hiking tours that you can take around their trails.

2. El Estor, Izabal

If you are exploring Guatemala by road and happen to pass through Rio Dulce on your way to Peten take a little detour. Not far from downtown Rio Dulce you will find a tiny place called El Estor in Izabal Guatemala.

In it, you will find a place called Finca Paraiso right next to the road, you will recognize it because there is a small open-air eatery. Enter the property and asked them to let you go into the waterfall. For a small fee, you will be able to park there and walk a few hundred of meters towards a gorgeous natural hot waterfall. And a small lagoon where you can swim (see the image above).

There are no volcanoes nearby, but there is an underground lava caldera under the nearby mountains.

3. Atitlan Lake

If you have ever been curious about the best things to do in Guatemala you already know about this gorgeous lake surrounded by volcanoes located in the Central Highlands of the country.

atitlan lake - hots prings in guatemala

Open your eyes when you walk around the many Mayan Towns that surround the lake. you will be able to find signs pointing you to “Aguas Termales” the Spanish words for hot springs. Some also offer Temascales, which are a kind of sauna but in the traditional Mayan style.

The lake used to be a huge volcano that collapsed plus one of the active volcanoes in Guatemala is right next to it. It is Atitlán volcano, it isn’t spitting lava but if you hike all the way up, near its dormant crater, you can still see and enjoy hot fumaroles.

4. Surroundings of Pacaya Volcano

This is one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala, and this one is spitting lava. It is one of those volcanos with extremely thick lava so you can walk all the way up to the lava rivers and roast marshmallows in Pacaya Volcano in it. After the hike is over you can stop by the nearby Amatitlan town. In it, you will find Santa Teresita Spa and Hotel.

They have tons of pools with hot springs and all sorts of spa treatments where you take advantage of its properties. My favorite treatment is called Thermal Circuit. Where you go into three pools with different warmth levels to help you detox. Your skin with feel amazing and you will be so relaxed that you are going to need a nap in one of their many sunbathing chairs.

hot springs in guatemala pacaya volcano hike

5. Aguas Calientes near Antigua

Only about 20 minutes away from Antigua, on the road that leads to Chimaltenango, you will find a small place with rustic pools that benefit from local hot springs. It is nothing fancy, but you still get to relax and get the benefits of this gift of nature.

Ask around town, there are shuttles that will take you there.

So, what is it going to be for you? Where will you choose to experience the natural hot springs in Guatemala?

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9 thoughts on “Natural Hot Springs in Guatemala

  1. For someone, who is traveling solo, no kids, what hot-springs place do you recommend in Guatemala? I’m interested in natural SULFUR springs, specifically.

  2. Wonderful information.
    Is it possible to hike from Antigua to any of the hot springs ?
    We love walking, distance is not an issue.
    Which volcano is less than 8,000 feet over sea levels ? I would like to hike one but I can’t be over 8,000 feet.
    Thank you, greatly appreciate your help.

  3. Wonderful information.
    Is it possible to hike from Antigua to any of the hot springs ?
    We love walking, distance is not an issue.
    Which volcano is less than 8,000 feet over sea levels ? I would like to hike one.
    Thank you, greatly appreciate your help.

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