Nais Aquarium and Restaurant in Guatemala City

Eating is a huge part of traveling. So, when I was in the process of working with INGUAT, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (Guatemala’s Tourism Board and Institue), for our private tour of Guatemala City, Nais Guatemala Restaurant was recommended.

And Nais is definitely a great place to visit with kids, after a day of fun at Divercity. Another recommend place to visit in the city.

Nais Aquarium and Restaurant

After doing some more research and chatting with Norman, our private travel guide of Turismo Chapin, we decided on Nais Aquarium Guatemala. That’s right, the restaurant has an amazingly huge aquarium where you can peak your head into and have stingrays, sharks and other cool saltwater fish float right past you.

nais aquarium

This was a perfect spot for my kids. In between ordering and waiting for the food they were fully immersed in the fish.

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nais aquarium guatemala

Once lunch came out, and they have food for every type of eater, you can enjoy watching the TV screens. And they were everywhere. At every single booth, and huge screens.

The day we came it was a futbol match so my oldest son was eating up his food without me having to edge him on cause he was so into the game.

nais guatemala restaurant

Fun Facts About Nais Guatemala

  • The first restautant opened in 1974.
  • In 2008 the chain opened their 8th restaurant, Nais Aquarium.
  • This restaurant offers Scuba Diving Shows
  • Nais restaurant has 15 salted water aquariums of five different sizes.

Video Fun 

Information About Nais Guatemala

Address: Centro Comercial Oakland Diag., 6 13-01, Zona 10 Guatemala

Phone: 502 2382-8200

Schedule: 365 days a year, opening at 7am.


Monday through Friday

  • 9am Herbivores and rays
  • 2pm Fish show
  • 7pm Shark Show

Saturday and Sunday

  • 9am Herbivores and rays
  • 11am Fish show
  • 2pm An underwater film
  • 5pm An underwater film
  • 8pm Shark Show

Last Updated on June 26, 2023

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