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Must-See Places When Visiting Dubai with Kids

A boy floating in a pool

Welcome to the City of Gold! Dubai has always been a playground for adults, but that doesn’t mean that kids can’t have fun here too! Quite the contrary – little ones are bound to have the time of their lives as soon as they set their little feet in Dubai. From underwater zoos to never-ending theme parks and from camel rides to swimming with sharks, it can easily be said that the entertainment for kids is limitless in Dubai. But don’t worry – we will not leave you hanging. We will share with you some must-see places when visiting Dubai with kids. Thus, without further ado, here is what to check out on your next family vacation in Dubai.

Go to Dubai Theme Parks

When visiting Dubai with kids, you just have to visit one of the many theme parks Dubai has to offer. For smaller kids, the best choice would be Legoland. There, you can enjoy more than 40 different kinds of rides and see some of the most famous giant Lego statues. And, if your kids are older, you better go to Bollywood Theme Park or Motiongate.

However, if you are looking for a theme park that is suitable for kids of all ages, go to one of many water parks in Dubai. These parks are great if you want to have some fun as well. While your children are enjoying the pools and slides, you can bask in the sun all day long. But remember, you will need to prepare for these water parks as you would prepare for a beach vacation – that is, bring swimsuits, beachwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a lot of water.

Two girls playing in the water
If you don’t know how to entertain your kids in Dubai, take them to a water park. 

Check Out the IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is another theme park in Dubai. But, unlike all other theme parks in Dubai, this one offers indoor entertainment options when the heat becomes unbearable. However, don’t think that this park is good only because it provides shade. It is good because it allows for fun activities for the entire family. And it is great because you cannot even count how many of those activities you will be able to try here. 

You already know that when traveling with kids, it’s important to keep them active. By being active, they burn out their energy and sleep through the night. If you want to achieve this, just bring them to IMG Worlds of Adventure. Here, you can play all the sports you can imagine, ride life-size dinosaurs, hop on one of many thrilling rides, and play with Avengers, The Powerpuff Girls, and Ben 10. 

If you like what you read above, great! But be sure that you are not the only one. As this is one of the best must-see places when visiting Dubai with kids, prepare to wait in line for the tickets. Or, be smart and reserve your ticket ahead of time. 

Visit KidZania When Visiting Dubai with Kids

When planning a family road trip with kids, of course, you should incorporate fun activities for the whole family. But don’t forget the educational ones too! Traveling is the best time to stimulate your children and allow them to have new experiences. If you agree, then you must go to KidZania. 

KidZania is a miniature city in the famous Dubai Mall. This is an interactive infotainment complex where kids can walk on paved streets, enter buildings, etc. But not only that – here they can choose one of 80 different professions (dentist, soldier, firefighter, dancer, astronaut, etc.), get costumes for the job they picked, learn about them, and then act with other children as if they were in a real functioning economy. 

A girl wearing a firefighter costume at KidZania—a must when visiting Dubai with kids
If you are visiting Dubai with kids, be sure to visit KidZania.

Beat the Heat at Ski Dubai

As previously mentioned, it is essential to keep the kids active while on vacation. This is important not only for having a nice vacation but also for having healthy and happy kids – a piece of advice anyone from DubaiPT would give you. However, in certain places such as Dubai, sometimes it is impossible to be active because of the heat. But there is a solution for that, too – if you don’t want to go to the previously mentioned IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park, you can go to Ski Dubai to cool off. 

Yes, you read this correctly. You can ski in Dubai. Right in the center of Dubai, there is an indoor area completely covered in snow. The temperature there is always -2, so when you just can’t keep up with the heat anymore, that is the place to be. In Ski Dubai, you and your little ones can build snowmen, make snow angels, snowboard, ski, etc. And don’t worry about winter clothes and snow equipment – you can rent them here. 

A child playing in the snow
The best place to beat the heat in Dubai is in Dubai Ski.

Explore the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

We cannot talk about the must-see places when visiting Dubai with kids and not mention the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. The number of activities you can do here as a family is pretty much countless. But let us try to name a few, at least. For instance, here, you can see more than 33,000 aquatic animals. Some of them you can feed and pet, and with some of them, you can even swim with. 

Moreover, bear in mind that this complex is huge. Thus, if you plan on doing more than one activity here, bring your most comfortable shoes. Trust us; you will need them for walking through the underwater aquarium. And, if you want to do some barefoot activities, book a scuba diving or surfing lesson with the pros. 

As you have seen, there are many unique must-see places when visiting Dubai with kids. We mentioned just a few of them, but if you have some free time, research (and visit) the Dubai Desert, Aquaventure Water Park, Virtual Reality Park, Dolphinarium, etc. 

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