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Must See Attractions and Tips to Use When Traveling to India

Whether you are traveling to India for the very first time, or you have visited before, India is a country that is rich in culture, history, sights, and attractions. India is known for not just providing a memorable vacation, but one that sends you home with a different take on the world and your senses in general. For some it can even cause sensory overload the first couple days, as this is the world’s seventh largest country with more than one billion people.Some of the best places to visit when you travel to India.Take a look at my list of travel advice traveling to India.

Traveling to India
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So, as you plan your trip to India, here’s a look at some of the must-see attractions and sights, as well as a few travel tips that you can use.

Use a Tour Operator

One of the biggest tips to offer when traveling to India, especially for the first time, is to use a tour operator. Companies such as Memphis Tours offers India tours that hit all the big attractions and sights, and takes care of all the details and planning for you. You won’t have to worry about transportation to and from the various destinations, you don’t have to be the one to figure out what is worth seeing, you don’t have to think about the hours of operation, and if you’re on a group tour, you may even meet people that end up becoming lifelong friends.

Today you can find tour packages that cover a wide range of themes and niches allowing you to really cater to your own interests, budget, and the time you have available.

The Taj Mahal Needs to Make the List

If there is any one sight in the country that is an absolute must-see, The Taj Mahal is that sight. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and draws tourists from all over the globe. It is the most well-known landmark in the entire country and is an absolute architectural wonder. Just be prepared for crowds, as it does attract large masses of visitors each day.

Escape the Crowds and Find a Quiet Beach

When it comes to beaches, the ones in the north are very well-known, but that also means they tend to be extremely crowded. If you’re looking for something quieter and a bit more relaxed, then the beaches in the south are a good option. Located just south of the airport in Goa are Palolem and Agonda, which are relaxed, pristine, and the perfect quiet getaway.

Spot the Big Five

While the architecture gets a lot of attention in India, it’s also important to note that its wildlife is just as exciting. India is actually home to the world five big cats – which are snow leopards, Asiatic lions, Bengal tigers, India leopards, and clouded leopards. So, while visiting you may want to make it your mission to spot all of the big five in one of the country’s national parks.

Typically the best parks for viewing these big cats are Corbett, Satpura, Pench, Kanha, Ranthambore, and Bandhavgarh.

Embark on a Culinary Adventure

India tours also mean you can embark on an exotic and delightful culinary adventure. For many travelers, the food is the big draw of the country, as it’s that spectacular. Curry is obviously extremely popular and is done in various ways depending on where in the country you visit.

Other well-known dishes are tandoori chicken, parathas, mutton rogan josh, seafood, rice, and the use of coconut in many dishes. The food is bold, rich, flavorful, spicy, and brightly colored. It will hit all your senses.

Adventure Awaits in the Himalayas

If the city isn’t really a big draw for you, and nature is more your interest, then exploring the Himalayas could be perfect. Keep in mind that this area is extremely rugged and tough to explore, but it’s also filled with awe-inspiring sights and views of the mountains.

A Historic Ride Along the Railroad

For the ultimate adventure that is rich in history, then a ride on India’s rail system is in order. Again, prepare yourself for the crowds as each car is usually packed full, but keep in mind it’s all part of the experience. The sights that you can see along the system are incredible and it can be a great way to take in the country. Some of the sights can include the Himalayas, tea plantations, through foothills, big cities, and more.

The Grand Truck Express is easily the most well-known rail journey and takes you from New Delhi to Chennai. The trip is 2,186kms, so it’s also among the longest routes you can take in the country.

Each of these sights and tips will help to ensure your trip to India is nothing short of incredible.

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