8 Discrete Must-Have Tactical Gear to Bring While Traveling

When traveling to foreign locations, safety is not a laughing matter. On the other hand, convenience and readiness for an emergency are also two factors you can’t ignore when traveling. As a hunter, my other niches include traveling to other locations to see what the world has to offer. Therefore, I found it necessary to create an article on discrete tactical accessories to bring while traveling. Before you head out on another adventure.

Generally, bringing tactical accessories during your trip has several benefits. Aside from being self-defense tools, they can also help you take advantage of an additional layer of security. They can help you have a back-up plan in sticky situations. For example, if you’re stuck in a dangerous situation, you can use some tactical accessories to carry out your escape plan. Lastly, having tactical gear when traveling allows you to explore risky tourist areas without compromising your safety. 

With all these things being said, tactical accessories are tools you shouldn’t forget when traveling to both familiar and unfamiliar places. 

Must-Have Tactical Gear For Traveling

Here, we’ll talk about all the accessories you may need for protection, convenience, or in an emergency situation. Let’s run them through one by one, and maybe you’ll find one that catches your eye:

1. Tactical backpack

tactical backpack

A tactical backpack will help you organize your stuff easily.

When traveling, the most important gear you have to invest in is a great tactical backpack. Whether you’ll be packing light or packing heavy, you need to keep all of your equipment and essentials organized and ready to access. Most importantly, you’re going to need a backpack that is fit for your travels.

Generally, tactical backpacks are great for traveling because they are easy to carry. More so, they are discrete in hiding all your essential gear and other tactical accessories.

And you can also get a chest rig which can be adjusted for your backpack.

2. Tactical knife

tactical knife

A tactical knife is useful when traveling and camping.

Tactical knives are a must-have for travelers, especially those who may be going to dangerous places. The best tactical knife is one that doesn’t catch too much attention (note: discretion is key!) while having useful features as well.

As a general tip, look out for tactical knives that are made of the most durable material so you won’t find yourself lacking in a sticky situation. Moreover, it should have an adequate safety lock so it won’t cause harm while you’re traveling.

3. Tactical flashlight

tactical flashlight

Make sure to always bring one with you.

One of the most important “just in case” equipment that you should bring during traveling is a tactical flashlight. A small, durable, and energy-efficient flashlight is an essential tool when it comes to emergencies or unexpected circumstances.

Thus, you should always have one with you or in your backpack, easily accessed and ready to use. Moreover, I suggest bringing a pocket-sized one to always have with you so you will be prepared 24/7 during your travels.

4. Tactical pen

tactical pen

A tactical pen is discrete as well as useful.

Most likely, you won’t be allowed to travel around with a weapon with you, let alone a full-sized one. And what can you use as an emergency weapon and as something to sign with? A best tactical pen, of course!

Most tactical pens are simple and straightforward in design. The best tactical pen I recommend you to buy is one that has good writing capability (good ink, good tip), a durable outer body, and a tip that can be doubly used as a weapon. Just in case you need to. When you’re in danger, you may use a tactical pen to defend yourself against a bad person. For example, if you’re dealing with a life-or-death survival situation, you may utilize a tactical pen to defend yourself. 

Most importantly, these tactical pens are very discrete and won’t be thought of as a dangerous weapon, so you can always bring it around with you. Depending on the design and style of the tactical pen, you can carry it in the pocket of your pants or on your waistband. You can also have it clipped on your belt, ankle holster, or to the neckline of your shirt. This means that, if possible, choose one that can be clipped to your clothes for easy access.

With all these things in mind, having a tactical pen while traveling is important. So, if you’re going on a trip soon, find the right tactical pen for your needs. You can check some online stores or read some reviews to help you choose the perfect one. 

5. Hunting earplugs

Something to protect your hearing and give you silence while traveling.

What’s great about hunting earplugs is that it can be used to block out most noise from a gunshot, meaning: you can bring them to where you’re going and they will still look like regular earplugs/earphones.

Moreover, you can use hunting earplugs as regular earplugs when, say, you’re traveling via plane. These will surely block out unwanted noise and give you enough sleep for energy on your travels.

6. Pocket organizer

pocket organizer

You can store so much in just one bag.

For most travelers, the organization is important in order to avoid losses and disarrangement of stuff. To be more tactical, a pocket organizer is recommended so you can have easy access to the gear you would most need.

From the name itself, a pocket organizer is a small organizer that you can hang from your belt or put inside your pocket. Here, you can store all the essential (albeit small) items, such as a lighter, pen, flash drive, paracord, safety pins, medicine, utility cutter, pocket wrench, small scissors, wire, tape, and much, much more!

7. IWB holster/pocket holsters

pocket holsters

An IWB holster is a great way to conceal your weapon.

If, for any reason, you need to bring a gun while traveling (not through public transport, of course), you need to keep your weapon discrete. This can be achieved by using an IWB holster or a holster of a similar fashion; one that you can hide away from public view.

If you’re going to be traveling and going to hunt at the same time, an IWB holster is recommended as well as a belt holster. These will provide easy access to your weapon, especially if you need it ASAP.

Check out the best glock sights.

8. Multi-Purpose Card

multi purpose card

A multi-purpose card you can keep in your wallet.

If you’re talking about a discrete multi-purpose tool, then look no further than a multi-purpose card. What’s so neat about these cards is that they look like regular cards, and you can store them inside your wallet, ready to use at any time!

So what are the features of a multipurpose card? Well, most cards offer the following: letter opener, wrench, bottle opener, ruler, screwdriver, knife-edge, can opener, a cellphone stand, and box opener among many others. In this way, you have multiple functions in just one card. It’s both useful and discrete, which makes it great for travelers who can’t carry tools.


Most travelers encounter a lot of challenges while on the road or en route to their destination. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer through all of these difficulties because of the cool accessories you can bring with you. In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of the best and most discrete tactical accessories to bring while traveling.

Also, the best M&P Shield holster and Glock 19 IWB holster.

These accessories are both discrete and tactical, meaning you won’t attract much attention but at the same time, you’re ready for anything that comes in your path. Generally, this is what we want as hunters: to be both safe and ready at the same time.

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I hope you liked this article. If you did, leave a comment below and tell us what you think. Don’t forget to share this with your friends as well. Thanks for reading!

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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

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  1. Hi, Marina! This is an amazing article! Packing for hunting can be really overwhelming with all of the options and gear out there, but you made it easy by highlighting these most important things. I was wondering, what brand of backpack would you recommend?

  2. Now, you can charge your gadgets while waiting for your flight and use. We are explore our article first as it has the most important tactical travel gear you may need while going on a trip. Let’s dig into it!

  3. So there are many ways to be tactical: Gold can be spent, points can be stabbed, bullets can be fired, telescopes can be looked through, etc.

    I’m not entirely sure what my life demands in terms of a pen other than a fine, dependable line, so I got some enlightenment here! Gonna travel soon to Malta.

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