7 Museums In South Florida That Everyone Should Visit

If you are thinking about visiting a museum in South Florida, there are many you can consider. They are a great way for learning and get to know information and fun facts about the local wildlife and history. After a lot of traveling, I learned they can represent an interesting day’s adventure.

Museums in South Florida

Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden 

This place is dedicated to teaching bout the ancient Japanese culture and telling the story of the Japanese community of farmers that have been living in Florida for 100 years. They have a beautiful Japanese garden in Florida and a museum.

South Florida Science Museum 

This is a non-profit, educational organization and interactive museum for all ages in West Palm Beach. Aside from their regular over 50 educational exhibits, the South Florida Science Museum also offers an aquarium and a planetarium.

Museums in South Florida

Schoolhouse Children’s Museum

Here is an interactive museum for kids where they get to learn about the early pioneers of Florida. This is an activity center for kids where they see how pioneers lived, and the challenges of surviving in a new, unknown land in a fun way.

Palm Beach Maritime Museum 

This is more than a museum, it is a non-profit organization working for education. They work hard to give a comprehensive presentation of maritime history.

The main idea of the Florida maritime museum is to teach in a fun way through interactive exhibits, significant artifacts, displays, and simulation. So, if you love maritime theme stuff, this is one of the best museums in South Florida for you.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum 

It is an organization that manages the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, they have a guided tour in it. The tour includes climbing up to the light and visiting the waterfront History Museum. Among other things being offered are educational programs and a gift shop.

Boca Raton Children’s Museum

Here is a museum in Boca Raton that is meant for kids. It is designed to teach the little ones about science, history, arts, and humanities to develop their creative skills. The place offers exhibits like a small theater, a mini bank, a store, a cultural room with try-on costumes, a small kitchen, and a pirate ship.

If you head to Boca Raton you should visit JBs on the Beach in Deerfield Beach, a great place to have food!

Historical Society of Palm Beach County 

This is a museum located in what used to be a courthouse in West Palm Beach. They try to make local history accessible and entertaining. The Museum offers two permanent exhibits, The People Gallery (A tribute to everyone who contributed to the growth of Palm Beach County), and The Place Gallery (Models and photographs of the County’s ecosystems and wildlife in the area). It also offers a temporary exhibit called the Rotating Exhibit Gallery about Juan Ponce de León (November 6, 2012 – June 29, 2013).

Visiting a couple of these can give you a day of fun in South Florida with the whole family. Also, you should check out Glazier Children’s Museum in Tampa, it’s a great option too. If you visit any of these, let me know how it went.

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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

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  1. If you want to know the History and Culture of your vacation spot, you need to go for the Museum Vacations. This is a correct message shared in your post. I am not visited your list of 9 Museum. i am only visited Palm Beach Maritime Museum and Boca Raton Children’s Museum.

    Thanks for sharing

    Shalee David

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